Something New to Chew On

Dr. Kelly Culbertson performs laser surgery, a less painful option that provides a quick recovery. Dr. Randy Prezzano examines a drop-off patient as part of a special service for owners with tight schedules. Dr. Pam Neiser explains her findings using a wireless laptop to display a digital x-ray. Dr. Destiny Prezzano conducts a non-invasive ultrasound exam.

Just like a new puppy who’s looking for something to “chew on,” the Town and Country Animal Hospital veterinarians are always searching for new medical procedures and equipment they can sink their teeth into.

“We explore veterinary medicine advancements to see which can be viable in our everyday practice,” explains Dr. Kelly Culbertson, a small animal veterinarian in Ocala for 17 years. Culbertson started Town and Country Animal Hospital a decade ago on US Highway 27, one mile west of I-75.

“It is very exciting to introduce a new treatment or diagnostic procedure that can improve a pet’s quality of life,” Culbertson said. “It is very rewarding to help an animal using the newest and most advanced technologies available.”

Culbertson recently completed a course for a new orthopedic procedure he is introducing to Marion County, the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), the “gold standard” for repairing torn cruciate ligaments in large dogs. He is one of only 43 Florida veterinarians licensed by Slocum Enterprises, the orthopedic group who developed and perfected the procedure.

Another Town and Country veterinarian, Dr. Randy Prezzano, also likes the challenges and rewards of complex and/or unusual cases. He remembers a six-year-old Maltese brought in with chronic diarrhea, low protein and a swollen abdomen. Prezzano, who recently celebrated his sixth year at Town and Country, states, “I diagnosed her with lymphangiectasia — an unusual disease — began an appropriate course of therapy, and now she acts like a puppy again. Being able to give a pet and their owner some added quality time together is my greatest reward as a veterinarian.”

Dr. Pam Neiser explains that being a leader in local veterinary medicine can have its ups and downs. In 1997, when Town and Country began recommending a more lenient vaccination schedule (once every three years instead of annually) the doctors were met by many skeptics.

“Owners were wary of this new protocol because they had always been taught to vaccinate annually,” Neiser recalls. “Once we explained that we were asking them not to pay us for annual shots because it was best for their pet, they realized we had their animal’s best interest at heart. That’s why I have been proud to be associated with this practice since the very beginning – over 10 years ago.”

The hospital’s newest veterinarian is Dr. Destiny Prezzano (Dr. Randy’s wife). As the most recent graduate, She brings her share of new ideas and cutting edge technology to the table and was instrumental in securing diagnostic ultrasound for the practice.

“Town and Country always strives to provide owners with the most information about their pet’s condition,” Prezzano said. “When evaluating a patient, we always consider what we would do if it was our own pet. We use non-invasive or minimally invasive diagnostics or procedures, such as ultrasound or endoscopy, whenever possible.”

All the doctors at Town and Country Animal Hospital truly possess the attributes of a young puppy: highly inquisitive, always warm and friendly and constantly looking for new adventures.

Dr. Culbertson jokingly points to his salt and pepper hair and notes, “I may not be a young pup – but I never want to ‘grow old’ professionally.”

Veterinary medicine at Town and Country will never be status quo. That’s because its veterinarians are always out there looking for something new to “chew on.”

Leading the Way
in Marion County Veterinary Medicine

In the past decade, Town and Country Animal Hospital has been one of the first local hospitals to offer the following veterinary medicine advancements to their clients:

• New Vaccination Protocol (1997)

• In-House Laboratory Testing (2000)

• Sevofluorane Anesthesia (2000)

• Endoscopy (2001)

• Laser Surgery (2003)

• Interlocking Nail Orthopedic Procedure (2004)

• Advanced Pain Management Protocols (2005)

• Digital X-Rays (2006)

• Diagnostic Color Doppler Ultrasound (2006)

Meet Town &Country’s Doctors

KELLY CULBERTSON is a 1991 Summa Cum Laude (#1 in his class) graduate from Texas A&M University. A native of Texas, he has lived and worked in Ocala since graduating from veterinary school. Dr. Culbertson is married with two children. He is an avid fisherman who enjoys spending time with his family and playing guitar.

DR. RANDY PREZZANO joined Town and Country in 2001. He was born in rural, upstate New York. He received his veterinary degree from the University of Florida in 2000. He is married to Dr. Destiny Prezzano and they have a daughter. His interests outside the hospital include fishing, hiking, gardening, and watching Gator athletics.

DR. PAM NEISER is a 1993 Summa Cum Laude graduate from Auburn University. She and Dr. Culbertson have worked together since 1994, beginning at the Ocala Animal Emergency Hospital where she served as an emergency veterinarian. Dr. Neiser has also worked as a relief veterinarian at various local hospitals. She is married with two children. She enjoys reading and traveling.

DR. DESTINY PREZZANO joined Town and Country Animal Hospital in June 2005 after graduating Cum Laude from the University of Florida. She is originally from Erie, PA, but moved to Florida in 1992. She is married to Dr. Randy Prezzano and they have one daughter. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and traveling.

You’re Invited!
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Town & Country Animal Hospital
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