Sports and Regenerative Medicine Come to Ocala

Board certified in family, osteopathic manipulation and sports medicine and credentialed to do diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, Dr. Craig Chappell brings something unique to the area.

During a sports medicine fellowship, he worked with the world’s leading physicians in regenerative medicine and now teaches internationally. Since then, he’s worked with collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes. He helped start and was medical director for the SHAPe clinic, Science and Health in Artistic Performance, at Ohio University where he was also the team physician for three years.

“One of my chief objectives is to determine the patient’s main pain generator,” Dr. Chappell explains. “If we can name your pain, we can make your pain better.” Often, the problem is related to connective tissue rather than injury to a specific area, one of many problems Dr. Chappell can fix using conservative care, regenerative medicine and physical therapy.

A thorough investigation of a patient’s pain source leads to a treatment plan to improve movement and function. Although his past experience has involved athletes of all levels, Dr. Chappell is just as invested in helping patients of any age and background do things as simple as combing their hair, golfing or working in the garden. Even better, he aims to accomplish patients’ goals effectively and non-surgically.

In more severe cases, regenerative injections such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy work to naturally kick-start the body’s healing process of damaged tissues.

Dr. Chappell isn’t alone in his endeavor. He’s teaming up with some of the area’s best in sports medicine: physical therapists Burt Reed and Brian Duffy of Mountain River Physical Therapy and the Innovative Athletic Performance Institute­—working together to get people moving again.

Not only is this combined practice convenient for guests, but with these professionals under one roof, patients are guaranteed a comprehensive treatment plan with multiple experts brainstorming their best path to healing.

Most importantly, Dr. Chappell focuses his energy and experience on giving each patient the undivided attention they deserve. As he says, “I take it seriously to find the source of pain.”

“The skeletal system floats inside a tension system; my focus is connective tissue and nerves, so I use osteopathic manipulation to establish health prior to any procedure. We build a good base of health and then work on your performance.”

“There are viable, nonsurgical options for the treatment of pain. I love my practice because my patients want nothing more than to be better—that’s an awesome patient population to work with.”

Functional Health & Sports Medicine

1720 SE 16th Ave., Suite 303, Ocala

(352) 512-0907

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