St. Patrick’s Week: Why Celebrate for Only One Day?

Cup O’ The Irish has a week of festivities in store for every lad and lass with a taste for mischief who stops by March 11 through 18 for St. Patrick’s Week. Beginning with an “Irish Traditions” theme on Sunday, the plate o’ plenty Traditional Irish Breakfast will start your week off right and land you two raffle tickets and a free gift. The fun, festive food will keep coming all week with green mash, green smoothies and green beer every day.

True to Irish form, the Cup is getting the whole community involved with pot of gold treasure hunts. There will be children’s treasure hunts on the Sunday before and on St. Patrick’s Day and a Big Pot of Gold Hunt for everyone that will last all week. Find the pot of gold and win big! There will also be a comedy night, trivia night, live Irish music and an Irish disco jig, plus much more, during the week’s events. You don’t have to be lord of the dance to earn raffle tickets—but dancing a little jig on the floor may up your chances for winning gift certificates, electronics or weekend getaways. The big raffle will be held March 18, so make sure you accumulate lots of tickets throughout the week. You can earn tickets for every drink you order and by participating in weekly events, plus double the tickets for those Irish breakfasts on the weekends!

Authentic Irish cuisine will be available all week, along with scrumptious specials every day; order Four Leaf Lattes, corned beef and cabbage kabobs with green mash, Guinness “half and half’s,” Corny Irish brats and so much more.

UK sweets are also available for purchase, and you can top a premium ice cream with whipped cream, Flake chocolate bar pieces and Guinness poured all over. This “tempest” is what the Cup affectionately calls a Guinness Immersion.

It’s debatable whether there are any leprechauns in Ocala, but you may find his pot of gold at the Cup O’ The Irish. At the very least, you will have a blast of a week trying! Check out Cup O’ The Irish on Facebook to get all the week’s activities and times.

Cup O’ The Irish

3233 SE Maricamp Rd., Ocala

(352) 694-0245 / Find us on Facebook!

Mon-Thu, 6am-9pm / Fri, 6am-11pm

Sat, 8am- 11pm / Sun, 8am-9pm

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