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Crippen & Co. Certified Public Accountants have been part of Ocala and the surrounding communities since 1981, and their top-tier services are about to get even better.

– Monday, October 24, 2016
Matthew White, audit and assurance partner for Crippen & Co.

Crippen & Co. has multiple partners who lead the firm, and their latest addition is slated to enhance the services they provide even more. Matthew White, audit and assurance partner for Crippen & Co., was raised in Ocala and is passionate about giving back to his hometown, both through quality accounting assistance and community outreach in his personal time.

“My areas of service within the firm are financial statement audits, financial statement reviews and general accounting consulting services. I’ll be moving into a leadership role to help provide the services expected from top-quality CPAs for every service our clients need,” says White. “I also believe strongly in directly impacting the community and fellow citizens. I’ve found a few service organizations that touch my heart, and that keeps my life balanced, so it’s not just accounting all the time.”

After graduating from the University of South Florida and passing his state-certified public accountant exams, Matthew spent several years at a regional accounting firm in Tampa. There he worked with large, corporate clients through executive staff members. He now prefers utilizing the technical disciplines he learned from large corporate clients to educate and assist business owners directly.

“We ensure our clients receive all the services they need from a professional CPA, but now I’m able to interact with owners of the business who may not understand accounting or taxes. I’m able to bridge the gap between their business and how our services can benefit them,” he explains.

Crippen & Co. specializes in accounting for professionals, like attorneys, architects and engineers, and those in industries such as insurance, construction, real estate, medical, dental, manufacturing, agricultural, transportation, logistics, and non-profits. They specialize in every aspect of accounting, from taxes and strategic business planning to internal audit assessments and outsourced bookkeeping for businesses. By letting the experienced staff at Crippen & Co. do what they do best, clients save money and are able to think solely about their work.

“If people utilize our services, it’s an investment and not an expense. It allows them to focus on what they do and not fret over the accounting, and they save money in the long run,” White says. “We’re there while these transactions are happening, like tax planning, so the individual or the business can save money or safeguard assets. If the transaction is already executed, it’s too late and you can’t go back and undo it.”

If potential clients fear a stodgy accountant behind a massive calculator and mountains of spreadsheets, they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“If you talk to anyone in our community, I think they’ll say we’re on the cutting edge of technology. We’re paperless, and we offer platforms for our clients other firms don’t offer,” explains White.

Think Crippen & Co. may be right for your financial needs? Call to schedule your free consultation to discuss their services and find out how their expertise can benefit you and your business.

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