Strong and Healthy is the new Sexy!

Dr. Tina Chandra
Dr. Ravi Chandra

The caring professionals at Chandra Wellness Center can help you achieve new levels of health and wellness.

Drs. Ravi and Tina Chandra are familiar and trusted names in the medical community in Ocala and Marion County. They are well known for their compassionate care and highly regarded skills in vascular surgery/vein procedures and cosmetic/TMJ dentistry and now have expanded their care in health and wellness. 

Due to the overwhelming need for therapeutic care in bladder leakage and vascular blood flow issues, they discovered that the cutting-edge medical technology called Emsella helped in this matter. People not only complained about incontinence but also having a weakened core and abdominal muscles, back pain and poor muscle strength overall. The Emsculpt NEO is perfect for body sculpting by losing fat and gaining muscle. These revolutionary medical devices, in addition to EmTone for cellulite and EmFace for facial lifting, have changed the scope of therapeutic care and aesthetics.  

Emsella chair

People are wanting non-invasive options to fitness and health today and want to look and feel younger, stronger and healthier. That’s when the doctors decided to help their patients and opened the Chandra Wellness Center, where they promote “Strong and Healthy is the new Sexy!”

Dribbles, leaks, accidents; Whatever you call it, Chandra Wellness Center is here to help with your bladder or incontinence issues!

What is Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a common occurrence in women. It can be caused by vaginal childbirth, changes due to menopause or even by being overweight. Men can suffer incontinence due to weakening pelvic floor muscles and in the pelvic organs, vascular issues and erectile dysfunction. 

There are two types of urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence is when urine escapes due to physical activities such as running or jumping, or it can be provoked by a sneeze or a cough. It is caused by weak pelvic muscles that may be a result of obesity, childbirth or repeated strains such as lifting heavy objects or high impact exercise. Urge incontinence is different in that it is an unusually frequent urge to urinate. The cause is unknown, but one possible contributor could be diabetes. When a patient suffers from both conditions, it is known as Mixed urinary incontinence. All three types are quite common, especially in older women. There is a revolutionary non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence. Say goodbye to pads and diapers and say hello to Emsella!

How does Emsella work?

Emsella is an FDA approved device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to stimulate the muscles of the pelvic floor. It is non-surgical and is performed while the patient is fully clothed and seated in a specialized chair. 

For women, Emsella has been jokingly referred to as the “Kegel throne” because each 30-minute session is equivalent to doing more than 11,000 Kegel exercises, which are exercises performed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and involve repetitions of sustained and rapid contraction of muscles. HIFEM sends supramaximal contractions to the pelvic floor muscles that have become too weak to control urination.

What type of results can be expected?

Emsella patients report a 95% improvement in their quality of life and a 75% reduction in the use of pads. Patients often see results after just one 30-minute session. For maximum results, a minimum of six sessions twice a week is recommended. 

Results will, of course, vary by patient and by the severity of muscle weakness. Maintenance every few months is strongly encouraged. 

Pacemakers and metal hip replacements are contraindicated with this treatment.

Can men benefit from Emsella?

Yes! By age 40, 40% of men are affected by vascular blood issues and erectile dysfunction. By age 70, it increases to 70% of men. 

Emsella has been approved for men suffering with incontinence and erectile dysfunction because of weakening pelvic floor muscles. It can reduce frequency and restore back confidence.

Work (out) smarter, not harder with Emsculpt NEO

If you could lose fat and gain muscle without working out and see results in around two months, would you do it? Is it possible? Is there technology that can sculpt the body and make us look better and feel stronger? 

It’s not a dream. The day has finally arrived!

Emsculpt NEO is an FDA-approved nonsurgical body contouring device that combines HIFEM technology with radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the muscles. It strengthens and builds muscles (hyperplasia) while burning fat at the same time, which is called apoptosis. 

It can be used to treat the abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps and calves. It strengthens the core muscles as well as the back, even your “love handles.” 

How does Emsculpt NEO work?

The heating of the muscles is what causes the reduction of fat in the area being treated. The HIFEM simultaneously causes thousands of muscle contractions in order to improve strength and muscle tone. Combining these two treatments offers optimal results. 

The heating of the muscles from the RF raises the temperature of the muscles by several degrees. It is like what one would do in a warm-up activity before exercising, but much faster. This takes less than 4 minutes. When the temperature of the fat is increased, fat cells are permanently damaged and are removed from the body. 

With the supramaximal contractions in the targeted areas like your abdomen, in 30 minutes, it’s like doing 20,000 crunches at the gym! It can give you back abs again!

What results can be expected?

Studies through ultrasound and MRI’s have shown that clients see an average of 30% fat loss and an increase of 25% muscle mass, leaving a smaller waistline. With 88% satisfaction, clients will normally need four to six 30-minute sessions once a week. There is no downtime afterwards. One can go right back to work or resuming daily activity. 

For some, there may be excess cellulite and EmTone can help reduce the dimply, cellulite appearance in the abdomen, butt area, thighs, legs and arms. 

Is Emsculpt NEO for everyone?

Yes, it can be! Building strength and losing fat is what everyone strives for. Being healthier and stronger is the goal. 

At Chandra Wellness Center, our professionals will assess a client’s body mass index, hydration and diet. 

To achieve tighter core muscles not only gives a jumpstart to do more exercise, but it can make the back muscles stronger, which reduces back pain and helps with posture. 

There are many therapeutic advantages with the combination of devices used. 

How do I know what I need?

The professionals at Chandra Wellness Center will assess your concerns and suggest the best package of treatment. 

Our most popular and most successful treatment is the “Core to Floor” package with Emsella, Emsculpt NEO and Emtone, which combines efforts to strengthen core and pelvic muscles.

Introducing EmFace.

EmFace helps with facial tightening, wrinkle reduction, building collagen and elastin, and can provide an overall a lift of the face muscles for a refreshed, enhanced you. 

EmFace is non-surgical, uses no needles, is pain free and has changed the face of aesthetics.

What are you waiting for? Payment options available.
Call today!

Emsculpt NEO, Emsella, Emtone and now EmFace await you at Chandra Wellness Center where Strong and Healthy is the New Sexy! 

Financing options are available and health savings cards are welcome. No Medicare or medical insurance coverage.                                                                                                                  

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