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This month, we followed journalism student and entrepreneur Alexa Raven through the streets of town to get the inside scoop on what makes this effervescent beauty tick. We first spotted her at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, where she will wed the love of her life, Brandon Sulter, later this year. She will chronicle her journey down the aisle on her blog TheyCallMeLexx, where she also offers “big sis” beauty and fashion tips. And, while she’s already a “Girl Boss” in her own right, as the owner of Black Feather Marketing LLC, she also has future plans to put her stylish instincts to good use and open a boutique in Ocala.

Alexa Raven

What is your favorite part of the day?

Although I have more motivation at night, I love mornings. It’s so nice to wake up, make a warm cup of coffee and thank God for another day.

Your personal style?

Fun, feminine and chic.

Beauty hack?

Put your skin care products in the refrigerator. Not only will it help with reducing the puffiness and redness, but it feels 10 times better during application.

Most regrettable beauty trend you once rocked? 

White shimmery eyeshadow with thick black eyeliner. Who let me out like that?

What would a reality show about you be called? 

The Crazy Life of Lexx.

Where do you get your grocery shop on?

I’m a farmer’s market girl. Nothing is better than supporting local businesses while getting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Favorite date night out?

I love going on a picnic and then strolling the streets of downtown.

Favorite sweet treat?                                           

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite sweet treat is cookies!

Favorite cocktail? 

Raspberry mojitos,

all the way.

Comfort Food?

Fruit crepes.

Favorite restaurant? 

Ivy on the Square

Best gift you’ve received?

My engagement ring.

Best advice you


My mom always tells me, “Don’t stress about the future because it has yet to exist.”

One thing you never
have enough of?

Family time. My family is my world. And…crepes from Symmetry, LOL.

Last, best purchase?

Annual Disney passes! You’re never too old for the magic of Disney.

Favorite girly indulgence? 

Wine and cheese.

Most stylish place
for drinks?

Bank Street Patio Bar.

Chair dancer? 

Heck no! It’s a whole lot more fun to get up and shake your tail feather!

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