Style File – Cody Mansfield

With boundless energy and an ever-present smile, Cody Mansfield has a charm that has helped make him a popular Instagram personality. Through his whimsically named account, “layingaroundtheworld,” he documents himself literally lying down in picturesque locations. We caught up with the globe-trotting bon vivant to see what makes him tick.

Cody Mansfield

Three words that describe you?

Adventurous, joyful and extravagant.

Your personal style?

I love color and am not afraid to wear a stand-out outfit. Style is unique. It’s how you put your personal touch on it. It’s attitude, it’s how you walk, talk and feel in the clothes. You are perceived as you present yourself.

Go-to local clothing store?

Greiner’s—I worked there after college and most of the new stuff went home with me the day it came in. In fact, they recently tailored the jacket I’m wearing today. It belonged to my grandfather and his name is embroidered inside. After he died, I brought it to them to have it altered, so I could wear it. It’s very special to me.

Last, best purchase for yourself?

A Longchamp Le Pliage expandable tote from Agapanthus.

Favorite place for a haircut?

Salon Hartwell. I don’t let just anyone touch my hair!

Most regrettable hairstyle you rocked?  

The Justin Bieber…with no hair gel.

Entertaining style?

What’s the budget? Yeah, we aren’t sticking to that. You want that wow factor!

Signature dish?

Pizza a la Cody—with red peppers and onions. It’s the only thing I know how to cook.

Favorite restaurants?

Mom & Dad’s in Lady Lake, for pizza. Mark’s Prime Steakhouse for a filet and their amazing scallops. The Hungry Bear for their fries and vanilla shakes.

Sweet fix?

When I’m sneaking candy into the movies, I usually stash away Nerds or the SweetTARTS Ropes. You have to be careful. Nerds will get you in trouble…they are loud!

Where you indulge your sweet tooth?

Betty Cakes.

TV obsession?

I used to watch I Love Lucy with my Mom. My favorite episode was “The Great Train Robbery” where Lucy kept pulling the emergency stop and Fred and Ethel kept leaving the dining car with food all over them.

Local organization you support?

My grandfather was a 55-year member of the Lions Club, a great service organization. They renamed their golf tournament after him last year. My grandparents and parents taught me the importance of helping others.

Best recent conversation?

A family friend spoke about when my grandfather would go into meetings, his smile would light up the room. He went on to compliment my smile, telling me I got it from him. After I stopped crying, I was like, Wow! My ‘Pop-Pop’ had the capability to change your attitude just by being around and showing a little kindness. We get caught up in life, with all the bad that is going on, but he just chugged along, only seeing the best in people. People might not always remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel.

Proudest moment?

Graduating from college on Mother’s Day and being able to give my mom that gift.

Chair dancer? Car singer? Late-night snacker?

All the above. I’m notorious for late-night snacks, like “emergency Nerds” under my pillow.

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