The Summertime Great Toy Giveaway

Summer—tis’ the season for sunshine, fun and games. From princesses to super heroes and bubbles to basketball, we’ve got everything you need to beat the summertime blues.

Make sure to head over to our Facebook page July 10-14 for your chance to win one of the great toys featured on the following pages. This summer’s toy giveaway is sponsored by Jenkins Auto Group. To enter, simply like our page at and stay tuned for details.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Command Center | $35,

This Imaginext playset is a place where Power Rangers train for battle to defeat Goldar and Riate Repulsa, ultimately saving the universe. Why we love it » Kids can let their imaginations run wild with one Morphinominal adventure after another.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Adventures Shark Escape | $25,

This thrilling playset allows kids to imagine and act out Thomas’ adventures as he bursts free from the crate, into the roaring waves.  Why we love it »  Imagination is what it’s all about.

Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball | $55,

Stephen Curry, watch out! There’s a new pro on the court. This basketball set with four height positions, from 3 to 6 feet, gives everyone a chance to shoot and score.  Why we love it » This set comes complete with a steady base. Just weight it with water or sand to prevent tip-overs.

ZURU X-Shot Bubble Ball | $59.99,

X-SHOT Bubble Ball is extreme fun, sport and action rolled into one. Inflate your Bubble Ball, and climb inside to run, smash, roll and clash safely with your friends.  Why we love it »  Laughs are practically guaranteed.

ZURU Bunch o Balloons Filler/Soaker | $14.99,

Now kids can fill their Bunch o Balloons anywhere! No need for a tap or hose. Then, once the balloons are full, use the soaker to drench your friends up to 30 feet away.  Why we love it » The balloons are made with biodegradable material, perfect for outdoor parties. 

Funrise Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble Mill | $19.99,

This unique machine and special bubble solution produce bigger bubbles than ever before in seconds.  Why we love it » Everyone loves bubbles, and, in this case, the bigger the better! 

Funrise Tonka Tiny’s Blast and Dash Quarry Playset | $11.99,

All Tonka Tiny’s playsets can be connected to expand your Tonka Tiny’s world. With the Blast and Dash, race down the slide, take a perilous ride over the toppling tower and activate the “real” working detonator. Other playsets are available. Why we love it » This play set includes an exclusive Tonka Tiny’s vehicle. 

Just Play Minnie’s Happy Helpers Pet Carrier | $24.99,

Children ages 3 and up can create their own farm adventures with this animal play set.  Why we love it »  Easily clean this kid-friendly set with soap and water. 

The Bridge Direct Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Supermarket Building Set – Chef Club Academy | $24.99,

Create a world of the cutest, most-collectible characters with Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Cooking School. Each pack comes with a buildable set and eight buildable figures that you can mix and match. Why we love it » This set jump starts your collection with a variety of cute figures.

Zing Toys Thumb Chucks | $7.99,

Composed of two high-bounce balls connected by a special belt, the chucks are interchangeable, allowing for unique customization and endless tricks.  Why we love it »  Download the free app to view tutorials, watch pros and film your own videos. Available on iOS and Android.

Hasbro Dunk Hat Game | $19.99,

This game takes the classic dunk game to new levels. See if you can stay dry!  Why we love it »  This laugh-out-loud game is a great addition to family game night—and a fun way to shower. (Hey, it’s summer, right?)

Hasbro Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Knight Lightsaber | $29.99,

A must-have for Jedi training, this lightsaber features more than 50 combinations for ultimate battle versatility!  Why we love it »  Customizable with other BladeBuilders Lightsabers, stage epic battles with heroes, villains and aliens. 

Hasbro Disney Princess Little Kingdom Floating Cuties | $7.99,

These floating princesses will make bath time that much more fun. When it’s time to dry off, kids can keep the fun going by creating and accessorizing outfits with the included snap-on pieces. Why we love it » Collect Floating Cutie Ariel, Rapunzel and Snow White.

Hasbro Disney Princess Splash Surprise Ariel Doll | $19.99,

This Splash Surprise Ariel doll is ready to transform from mermaid to girl. Just place her in the water and her fin fills up with water. Then, lift her out of the water and see her fin break apart to reveal her legs.  Why we love it »  Ariel comes with one fin and one skirt for fun both under the sea and above the waves.

Hasbro Spider-Man Homecoming Rapid Reload Blaster | $19.99,

Kids can pretend to blast and reload like their favorite wall-crawling super hero, and blast Nerf web darts are perfect for taking down super villains. Why we love it »  Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? With this blaster, kids can pretend to be web-slinging masters.

Hasbro Flip Challenge | $9.99,

Bring your own bottle, and start flipping with the Flip Challenge game. Ace the flip challenges to earn points. Each player has five chances to complete a challenge. First player to 10 points wins!  Why we love it » Enjoy playing this game solo or with a group of friends. 

Hasbro Play-Doh Shape and Learn Letters and Language | $19.99,

Meant to encourage pre-reading and pre-writing skills with tools, playmats and activities, your kids can use the stampers and double-sided playmats to engage in activities such as exploring letter recognition and identification with Play-doh.   Why we love it » We love anything that makes learning fun.

Melissa & Doug Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter | $49.99,

Scoop up some cool treats with this 20-piece play ice cream counter. The sturdy wooden tabletop counter holds eight wooden scoops of different-flavored ice cream, six assorted toppings, two cones, a plastic cup, an ice cream scooper and a wooden spoon.  Why we love it » What kid wouldn’t want a job at an ice cream parlor? 

Melissa & Doug Rotisserie & Grill BBQ Set | $49.99,

Cook up a fantastic feast with this deluxe wooden barbecue playset! The 24-piece set includes specialty grilling favorites, like a whole rotisserie chicken that spins on a skewer, a whole fish, sausage, shrimp and even vegetables for grilling kabobs. Shrimp on the barbie anyone?  Why we love it » Boys and girls can grill right alongside Mom and Dad this summer.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set | $34.99,

Abracadabra! This fantastic set includes 10 professional tricks for beginners.  Why we love it » Among the first tricks your young magician will learn from this game are “Magic Number Prediction” and “Secrets Silks,” both classics.

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Kid’s Cart | $29.99,

This sturdy, generously sized and brightly colored plastic cart has a handle and wheels to carry whatever your toddler’s heart desires. From stuffed animals to blocks, this cart comes in handy.  Why we love it » Make cleaning into a fun game. Have your children load their toys into this cart and then unpack them where they go. 

American Girl Z Doll and Z’s Filming Accessories | $115 for doll, $28 for accessories,

The latest American Girl doll is sure to become your little girl’s favorite. Z Yang is a creative spirit who loves to take pictures and make movies. Her accessory kit includes a 35mm camera with a colorful strap, a camcorder, a smartphone and her tripod.  Why we love it » Moms love keeping traditions alive. The first American Girl doll was sold in 1986.

American Girl Wellie Wishes Willa Doll and Fun Fish Swimsuit + Cover up | $60 for doll, $24 for outfit

Willa has a love for animals. and is the last to turn away a furry friend. This 14 .5-inch doll is sized just right for younger girls.   Why we love it » This little girl knows how to rock a cute headband with fabric bunny ears. 

Playmobil Ice Cream Truck | $24.99,

Man an ice cream truck for the day. Set includes one adult figure, three child figures, ice cream truck, table, ice cream, cones, dishes, ice cream scoop, beverages and other accessories.  Why we love it »  This toy truck is perfect for ages 4 and up and has everything needed to start playing.

Spin Master Hatchimals Colleggtibles | $2.99-$9.99,

Each Hatchimals CollEGGtible needs your help to hatch! Hold the egg in your hands, rub the heart and when it changes from purple to pink, it’s ready to hatch. There are over 70 to collect in Season One, even ultra-rare and special edition Hatchimals to find.  Why we love it » Kids can use the collector’s checklist and map to keep track of their collection. 

VTech Pop-a-Balls Push & Pop Bulldozer  | $23.99,

Load the balls into the bulldozer, and watch your little one stroll along to poppin’ balls and fun sounds! The bulldozer also teaches colors, numbers and construction objects.  Why we love it »  This delightful bulldozer encourages movement and motor skills. 

Mobo Mity – 3 Wheeled Cruiser | $129.99,

The Mobo Mity is a mighty little three-wheeled cruiser designed for children 2 to 5 years old. From its innovative rear-wheel steering system to its ergonomic design, the Mobo Mity encompasses an abundance of great features.  Why we love it » Perfect for a stroll around the block!

Kidz Toys Mini Mojis Collectible Expressables | $2.99-$10.99,,

Start your collection today with 11 Mini Mojis, two being a mystery, and one carry case. You know how much kids love emojis these days!  Why we love it » There are more than 100 to collect.

Just Play Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Set | $19.99,

Prepare to race your vehicle through the Hot Dog Hills. On your mark, get set, GO.  Why we love it »  Jam-packed with 50 awesome racer-themed tools, this set has everything you need to finely tune your winning car.

Creative Roots “Create Your Own” Line | $6.99 -$24.99,

Creative Roots is a line of gardening-themed activities that give parents the opportunity to include their children in their outdoor and gardening hobbies by providing parallel play activities. Decorate a garden, build and paint a bird house, plant an herb garden or create personalized keepsakes with Creative Roots products.  Why we love it » Instilling a love of gardening at an early age is a win-win!

Miracle-Gro Gardening Sets | $12.99-$16.99,

Sets include Miracle-Gro My First Garden, My Very Own Flower Garden, Root Viewer, Watch It Grow and Fairy Flower Terrarium. Each kit includes everything your child needs to be a gardening guru. In no time, watch your seeds sprout into flowers and veggies.  Why we love it » Kids can soak up some vitamin D while trying out their green thumb with these creative kits. 

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