Technology Concepts and ASAP Computer Services

Technology Concepts of Central Florida, LLC, provides personal, professional service to businesses while ASAP Computer Services, LLC, lives up to the name, supporting personal tech issues accurately and swiftly.

Technology Concepts of Central Florida, LLC, is making your complicated technology troubles simple. President Rick Mills is all about redefining today’s typical IT service by providing personable guidance, accountability and professionalism all at a fair price.

It’s the willingness to go in-depth with each client, grow with a company and develop individual relationships rooted in integrity that sets Rick and his staff apart.

“We enjoy doing what we do, and it often requires interaction with the client to understand a problem and verify the technology is working properly. We end up developing friendships with our clients. It is much easier to ask for help when you’re not concerned you’ll be looked down upon or made to feel inferior,” says Rick.

Rick and his team focus their efforts on supporting small businesses, which often have complicated technologies at the foundation of their infrastructures. He installed his first network in 1985 and has been doing it successfully ever since, opening Technology Concepts in 2002.

“People tend to think that because you’re a computer person that you know everything about computers. Businesses require a higher level of understanding to network them properly,” Rick explains.

Technology Concepts boasts the expertise and availability to make them run smoothly every time. What are the results for the client? A personalized experience with a knowledgeable team of professionals.

“If they are starting a new company or need a major technology overhaul, we’ll meet to discuss their goals, concerns and time frame,” Rick explains. “We put a plan together, defining the right technology solutions for them. At installation time, we come in with a game plan to get everything installed as quickly as possible, and we make sure we’re on-site when it’s time to start using the system to address any questions or issues that arise.”

As any business owner knows, a failing technology system costs time and money that can’t be recovered. And just as scary? All the confidential documents stored in business systems that may be seen by the IT support team helping you.

“In our jobs, we are often given access to confidential information, especially in medical and dental facilities,” Rick says. “In some cases, we have access to private financial information. It is critical our clients can trust us to focus on what is relevant to our job and keep private information confidential.”

Just like businesses, what individual today doesn’t live a life full of technology? Should your personal computer need servicing, ASAP Computer Services offers the same fast turnaround and accountability on an individual basis.

At ASAP Computer Services, you can walk in with your damaged computer and they’ll have the manpower to offer expert assistance immediately.

“This is what we do. We don’t have just a friend of a friend, but a whole team of professionals,” says Vince Morris, operations manager of ASAP Computer Services. “It’s one giant technological brain, not just that one person. If we come to a road block, we have no problem using every resource on the team to find a resolution.”

When your computer is infected by a virus or is physically damaged, many shops will hold it for days at a time or ship it away for weeks to be repaired. Not only does this leave you without a vital tool, but it can leave you feeling helpless. Not everyone is well versed in technology, and it can be hard to tell when you’re being overcharged. That’s why you need support you can trust, and the ASAP Computer Services’ team members hold themselves accountable for their work.

“When someone’s issue is resolved, we have an automated system that emails you two weeks later to ask if everything is going well and working for you,” says Vince. He says they’re always trying to follow up with clients to ensure their technology solution is still solving the problem.

“We aren’t content with just resolving the one issue. We want to ensure that everything is working properly. I don’t know of many places that do that. We do a three-month follow-up as well—we want to make sure you’re satisfied,” says Vince.

If you need computer help even faster, ASAP makes house calls.

“When you absolutely need it immediately, we’ll come on-site and address it right there,” Vince says. “You may have a friend who’s pretty knowledgeable about computers or a tech-savvy co-worker you can ask for help. However, if you need a more expert opinion, we have a team ready to resolve most any computer issue.”

If you find yourself in a technology bind, no one will get your systems back to you faster than ASAP Computer Services, and they want to prove it. Stop by their location with your computer and mention Ocala Style Magazine to receive a free diagnostic from this team of experts.


Technology Concepts of Central Florida, LLC

1737 SW 17th St., Ocala

(352) 732-1161


ASAP Computer Services, LLC

1737 SW 17th St., Ocala

(352) 732-2727

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