The Biggest Loser Wins!

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET IN SHAPE. Just ask 36-year-old Wayne Light. As the winner of last year’s Summer Weightloss Challenge at Compass Health & Fitness, Wayne lost 23.2 pounds and 34.3 percent body fat. And he did it in 10 weeks.

“The Summer Weightloss Challenge is a 10-week experience that can change your life forever,” says Adam Bryniarski, president of Compass Health & Fitness. “It’s a once-a-year opportunity that we offer as our way of giving back to the community and bringing fitness to the forefront in Ocala.”

Adam Bryniarski presents last year’s winner, Wayne Light, with a $1,000 prize
(with trainer Marianne Helms on right). This year’s prize will be $3,000,
plus a free year of personal training!

A truly community-oriented event, a portion of each contestant’s entry fee from the challenge will once again be donated to support the Special Olympics.

“It’s a great cause that’s health-and fitness-oriented,” Adam says. “The Special Olympics are proof that anyone can be involved in fitness.”

LAST YEAR 70 PEOPLE took part in the competition. With the help of Compass’ professional personal trainers, they lost a combined weight of more than 2,000 pounds. Each and every contestant agrees that it was well worth the hard work and dedication.

“For me it was about self preservation,” Wayne says. “I wanted to achieve something I had never done before.”

He not only achieved his goal of completing and winning the contest, he did something far greater—he kept up his healthy lifestyle long after the contest was over. In just one year, Wayne has lost 100 pounds.

“I think part of the reason I stuck with it is because I enjoy going to Compass so much,” he says. “The customer service is great, and the equipment and facilities are top-of-the-line.”

Wayne credits his personal trainer throughout the competition, Marianne Helms, for motivating and pushing him beyond his comfort zone.

“When I thought I couldn’t achieve anything more, she somehow found the right words to push me further,” he says.

“It’s my job to train my clients harder than they would train themselves,” Marianne says. “If that means a lot of sweat and hard work, so be it.”

“Marianne is a tough cookie,” adds 27-year-old Kasey Jo Hudson who came in third in last year’s competition after losing an impressive 37 pounds and 30.9 percent body fat. “This competition is about both a physical and a mental transformation.” Since concluding the contest, Kasey has become a self-proclaimed “gym rat” and has lost a total of 80 pounds.

“I carry myself differently now,” she says. “I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I know I’m healthier.”

With body fat measurement accuracy within one percent,
hydrostatic weighing is considered the gold standard.

In addition to maintaining a workout schedule, clients are also instructed by their trainers on how to make positive life choices regarding food and health.

“As a personal trainer, I really need to get into my client’s lifestyle,” says Jeff Gentry. “I want to know about their dietary habits, liquid intake, stress levels, and sleep routine.”

“We have an extremely talented group of trainers here,” Adam says. “With more than 20 trainers on staff, we have someone to fit with each person’s needs and goals. Our trainers are truly dedicated to each of their clients and want to see them succeed.”

IN AN EFFORT TO ENSURE quality time with the trainers, this year’s Summer Weightloss Challenge is limited to 120 contestants. You don’t even have to be a Compass gym member to compete. Each contestant will be weighed, using the hydrostatic pool, at the beginning and end of the 10-weeks of training. The person who loses the highest percentage of body fat relative to their beginning percentage will win $3,000, plus a full year of personal training.

And the staff at each of Compass Health & Fitness’ three health clubs gives you all the tools you need to make sure you succeed. Besides 30 one-hour personal training sessions, contestants will also receive 20 meals from the New Directions Café, a healthy dining option located within the Compass facilities on both Pine Avenue and Silver Springs Boulevard, 10 free New Directions smoothies, 30 tanning sessions, four 30-minute massages, two deep cleansing facials, and 30 10-minute Noblerex Vibration sessions throughout the competition. Contestants can workout at any Compass location, including the newly opened 24-hour facility on State Road 200. It’s everything you need—and then some—to create a new you!

Throughout the course of the contest, a trainer stays in close contact with each participant, educating them about proper nutrition and food choices, as well as how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m in these folks’ lives forever,” Jeff says. “Long after they’re not with me in the gym anymore, they’ll remember what we learned and talked about.”

“The competition gave me a very good understanding of what I can and can’t eat based on my daily activities,” Wayne adds. “The hardest part was fighting the natural urges to be lazy and maintaining the discipline to go workout, even when I didn’t want to.”

Adam knows all too well the tendency for some people to give up on their workout routines.

“Continuing with an exercise plan can be a challenge,” he agrees. “But at Compass, our ultimate goal is to make you healthy. That’s what this competition is all about. This is a great way for spouses and families to get fit together. It’s also a great way for corporate offices to help their employees achieve a higher level of physical fitness.”

“It’s never too late to begin a fitness routine,” Wayne adds. “No matter what your age or current shape, you can still improve your fitness and health.”

Kasey Jo agrees.

“For 26 years I lived one way,” she says. “Now I’m learning to live the right way. I have a completely new outlook on life and I want others to feel the same way. The staff at Compass makes it virtually impossible for you to fail.”

Marianne adds that the initial workout is the hardest.

“It gets easier from there,” she says. “Even if you feel that you’re too far off to get back on track, once you make the commitment to change your life there will be no stopping you.”

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