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You pay careful attention when designing your home and selecting your appliances, flooring, and furniture, but how much attention do you give when selecting your WINDOWS? The windows you choose will affect your comfort and utility bills for as long as you own your home. Did you know there is a quality window manufacturing plant right here in Ocala?

Ocala residents John Cwik and his wife, Patricia Champeau, began Custom Window Systems, Inc. in 1986 with a 5,000 square-foot building and five employees. Today the company encompasses over 122,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space with more than 200 employees producing eight lines of quality windows and doors.

Custom Window Systems, Inc. prides itself in giving back to the community. It has utilized the services of the local ARC and donates all of the windows to the local Habitat for Humanity New Homes Program.

This year Custom Window Systems’ growth continues with the recent addition of an 11,000 square-foot New Construction Division located across the street from the main plant at 1020 NE 16th Street. The 11-member New Construction Team combines over 65 years of experience and is headed by New Construction Manager Charlie Quick and Project Manager Lady Lake Division, David Scrambling. Team members meet with developers, builders, contractors, and even homeowners to determine their requirements. A varying array of Custom Window Systems’ products are on display in the New Construction Office showroom and you are invited to come learn for yourself how quality windows and doors can make a difference in your home. Once the decision has been made to purchase windows from Custom Window Systems, it generally takes eight days from the time the builder orders the windows until the windows are installed.

“There is no middleman when you deal with us,” Charlie explains. “Because developers and builders buy directly from us, they get our input up front — where it counts and is most cost effective for the homeowner. We complete the sales, the installation and, if necessary, the service for all new construction ventures.”

Additionally, Custom Window Systems warrants their products and stands behind that warranty. On the rare occasion when there is a problem with a product, the Customer Service Department Team resolves the matter quickly and efficiently.

“Customer satisfaction is the key,” states General Manager Lou Andresino.

“And you’re hard pressed to get that kind of service from another window manufacturer,” adds Charlie.

Developers such as The Villages, Spruce Creek, Black Diamond Ranch and many others, as well as local quality builders, appreciate the importance of offering their customers a superior window backed by a comprehensive warranty and a manufacturer that stands behind its product.

When building a new home or remodeling an existing one, homeowners are involved in making choices right down to light switches but often do not realize the importance of choosing the right window or the options available. Custom Window Systems offers many different aspects to choose from including glass color, frame color, window style and energy efficient options.

Marion County resident Beth Lang recently had Custom Window Systems windows installed in her home and is thrilled with her decision.

“After buying an older home several years ago, it was only a matter of time before the windows would need to be replaced,” she says. “Not only does the house look so much prettier,” she continues, “but my contractor had no trouble installing the windows and I know the initial expense of these windows will easily pay for themselves in utility savings and re-sale value in the long run.”

Ms. Lang’s comments are echoed by Dan Curington of Curington Contracting, a respected area businessman who knows only the best will satisfy his customers.

“We’re extremely satisfied with Custom Window Systems and the way their products operate,” Dan says. “They not only build a high-quality product, but they are locally owned and manufactured. It’s always a plus to support a local business.”

When homeowners choose windows from Custom Window Systems, they not only get top-quality custom made windows and doors and excellent service, but they get one of the best-built windows available today.

“There is more to Custom Window Systems’ windows and doors than meets the eye,” Lou explains. “It’s also what you don’t see that matters. The frames are 20% heavier than most windows and doors, and when you add weight to a frame, you add strength to the overall window.

Every window and door is built individually by a select team of technicians who take pride in ensuring the window or door they construct is of the highest quality when it is finished. The process is quite high tech: The glass is cut by a computerized glass optimizer, the frames and screens are cut by computerized saws, and the glass is washed and insulated in a specially designed clean room.

Ask your builder if he’s using CERTIFIED energy efficient windows and doors and if not, why not?

Custom Window Systems, Inc. was one of the first window manufacturers in Florida to gain the ENERGY STAR® qualification and offers a complete line of ENERGY STAR® quality windows and doors specifically for the southern climate using Cardinal’s LoE2 glass. Cardinal’s LoE2 glass absorbs visible light to control glare, reflects solar heat and provides year-round comfort, keeping homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When combining Cardinal’s LoE2 glass with Custom Window Systems’ top-quality construction, homeowners can be assured that they have made a sound investment in their windows. Custom Window Systems’ windows and doors are in demand throughout the country and abroad and is ahead of the curve when it comes to quality standards, workmanship and technology.

According to Management Consultant Nancy Haldin, Custom Window Systems stays steps ahead of the competition when it comes to the latest technology.

“If there is a more efficient system, from inputting orders, cutting glass, assembling frames, or shipping the product, John will make sure that’s the system utilized,” she says. “He believes in order to make a superior product, he must invest money in technology and product design.”

The management team at Custom Window Systems, Inc. looks forward to new innovations and future technology and welcomes the opportunity to offer new product lines at their customary high standard and at a competitive price. As a matter of fact, in addition to the New Construction Division, Product Development will be adding a thermally efficient line of PVC/vinyl windows and doors.

“A superior product, dedicated employees and an eye toward the future is what makes this company successful and why it continues to grow,” Cwik says. “I’m excited about what we do, what’s coming and how we’re going to get there.”

For more information about Custom Window Systems, Inc., please call or write:

Custom Window Systems, Inc.

981 NE 16th Street, Ocala, Florida 34470

(352) 368-6922

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