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By Karin Fabry • Photos By John Jernigan

Extensive water damage forced Kelly and Jose Juarez to completely rebuild their master bathroom. After much deliberation, they chose beautiful earth-toned marble, a white, wood-beam ceiling, and polished nickel fixtures. The bathroom staples were in place. Now they just needed the accent pieces to pull the room together.

“Nothing in our bathroom is the same as it was last June,” Kelly says. “I love our new bathroom, especially the colors and the finishes. But I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good with the finishing touches.”

Interior decorator Shannon Roth came to the rescue.

“The Juarez bathroom was a blank slate for me,” Shannon says. “We decided on an old-world feel for the space based on the colors and textures that were already in place.”

When choosing accessories for the Juarez master bathroom, Shannon selected rustic, yet elegant pieces. To add towel and toiletry storage, she also brought in a beautiful black iron stand. Shannon points out that if you don’t have the extra space for a new cabinet, to be creative with your storage solutions.

“The black stand brings a more complete and finished look to the couple’s bathroom,” Shannon says. “And the dark color adds a bit of depth against the white areas of the room.”

To address the blank walls, Shannon introduced a variety of wall accents including Kelly’s favorite new element in the room, a Venetian glass mirror. Kelly notes that the mirror perfectly complements the crystal chandelier she already had in place.

“I consider my style to be traditional and clean,” Kelly says. “The elements Shannon introduced to our bathroom really highlight my style. She did a wonderful job.”

According to Shannon, one of the most important elements in any bathroom is soft lighting.

“I love a lamp in the bathroom,” she says. “Most bathrooms have very harsh lighting. By adding a table lamp with a warm shade it really softens the edges and makes the room feel calm and inviting.”

Another must-have for a bathroom? Artwork. And Shannon says it doesn’t have to be a floral or bath-related print.

“I like the idea of using prints, photographs, and paintings to bring a bit of architectural interest to a bathroom,” Shannon says. And that’s just what she did by added two coordinating chateau prints to the Juarez bathroom.

“The sepia tones, along with the framework, really fit well into the space,” Shannon says. “Plus, the pictures have a very masculine quality to them and Kelly’s husband, Jose, appreciates that.”

Any good designer knows that finishing touches really complete a room, pulling all the components together. Shannon is no exception.

“I searched a long time for the perfect additions for the Juarez bathroom,” Shannon says. “I found a beautiful silver tray and placed a trio of bud vases on the vanity area.

“The shape and texture of the glass was the perfect addition to the richly colored vanity area,” Shannon continues. “I also brought in a variety of plants and orchids.”

The greenery and flowers provide a soft edge and a hint of color that breaks up the hard edges of the bathroom suite.

“Plants are a wonderful addition to any room,” Shannon says. “But I particularly like them in a bathroom. I think the key is to decorate a bathroom like you would any other room, making it a truly livable space.”

The final step? A fresh coat of paint. Shannon chose Davenport Tan from Benjamin Moore (HC76). This rich, earth-toned color added instant elegance and richness to the space.

“The bathroom simply didn’t work until we added this color,” Shannon says. And Kelly agrees. She also admits that she loves to spend time in her new space.

“I’m a bathroom girl,” Kelly says. “I sometimes take two baths a day. The touches that Shannon brought in make the room very luxurious and inviting. It just may be my new favorite room.”

Straight from the Decorator
“I went for old world with a bit of twist,” she says. “Our biggest dilemmas in the room were a lack of storage and blank walls that needed some dressing up. I had to incorporate enough elements into the room to give it the warmth and ambiance we were going for but do so without compromising the space being a functional bathroom.”
— Shannon Roth
Owner, Shannon Roth Collection

Shannon’s Bathroom Makeover Tips
• If you have the space, add a lamp. If not, try adding sconces to the wall. Soft lighting is a must.
• Use candles to add both ambiance and décor.
• Hang a variety of artwork. Paintings that aren’t bathroom related make it a real living space.
• A chandelier, if you can make it work, is always right.

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