The Party Girls!

Local moms Vanessa Baxley (left above)
and Robyn Locker (right above)
have taken the guesswork out of planning
and hosting the perfect party.

Anyone who has ever planned a party knows the   amount of time and creativity that goes into making all the right choices about theme, décor, activities, and food. Well, when work, family obligations, soccer and gymnastics practice, and housework get in the way, party planning can be downright daunting.

Fortunately, two local moms have taken all the stress out of hosting the perfect party. For more than a year, Vanessa Baxley and Robyn Locker, the moms behind Polka Dot Package, have spent countless hours brainstorming how to turn their love of entertaining and decorating into a successful, flexible career that would still afford plenty of quality family time. Just call them “mompreneurs.”

Unlike other party planning services, Polka Dot Package takes event-hosting to a new level by providing clients with a complete, up-scale party in a box. The only thing missing is the food! And, as an added bonus, the ladies include a list of suggested menu items and games with each package.

“Robyn and I really put our heads together to come up with something that was new to this area,” Vanessa says. “We wanted to do party planning, but we didn’t want to spend our weekends setting up parties for other families. We wanted to be with our own families.”

So the pair, friends since high school, developed a unique concept in the spirit of compromise.

Would-be entertainers no longer have to truck from store to store or spend hours online, searching for the per-fect plates, napkins, and centerpieces. One visit to Polka Dot Package is all it takes to host a memorable, upscale party. From children’s birthdays and sleepovers to baby showers, holiday get-togethers, and tailgating parties, the ladies have created unique party packages you won’t find anywhere else.

Vanessa and Robyn are particularly proud of the “green” aspect of their business. As part of the women’s ongoing commitment to en-vironmental protection, they carefully choose each item that makes it into a package.

 “The majority of our package items are reusable,” Robyn says.

“We have searched for recycled products, as well as providing our customers with products for long-term use,” adds Vanessa. “Instead of always using disposable paper and plastic, we provide, as often as possible, products that can be repurposed for daily use or on special occa-sions.”

Melamine plates, plastic tumblers and cups, fabric linens, and wooden, tin, glass, and steel décor are just a few of the materials that com-prise a Polka Dot Package. The items can be used for future holidays or home décor.

“Going green isn’t just about recycling,” Vanessa says. “It can also mean reusing versatile items.”

For the little girl in your life, the Spaaa-velous get-together is one of Polka Dot Package’s best selling parties. And why wouldn’t it be? Who doesn’t love to be pampered?

After a quick Google search online, Shanna Pierce of Houma, La., ordered the spa package for her 9-year-old daughter Faith’s birthday.

“I was extremely pleased with the contents,” she says. “The box was loaded with things to do and ideas to host a great party. I would have had to visit 10 stores to pick up everything that came in this package. My daughter loved everything about it and so did her friends. As a matter of fact, she’s still carrying her spa products around in her purse.”

Another favorite is the Pajama-O-Rama, a classic sleepover party. For boys, the Pirate PaRRRty and the Lil’ Bucka-roo are great choices! Each of Polka Dot Package’s birthday kits comes with enough supplies for eight children.

“It’s important to focus on small, meaningful parties,” Vanessa says. “As a mom, though, I understand that it isn’t always possible to invite just six or eight kids. That’s why all of our items are also available a la carte to suit the size of your party.”

Terri Eades, a busy mother of (soon-to-be) three in San Diego County, Calif., came across Polka Dot Package when researching pi-rate themes for her 4-year-old son Jacob’s birthday party.

“I spent two days searching party stores online,” Terri says. “Nothing impressed me as much as Polka Dot Package. They have the cutest depiction of pirates and it really was a one-stop shop. There was no need to do any additional shopping.”

Terri adds that her son and his guests had a blast playing with all the included goodies.

“A treasure chest comes with the package and we buried it in our yard,” she says. “The kids had fun following the flags until they reached the ‘X’-marks-the-spot location. The ladies from the Polka Dot Package thought of everything from start to finish. Each child re-ceived a pirate getup, and I told several of the parents that it would make a great Halloween costume this year. I’m grateful I found Polka Dot Package and absolutely look forward to using them again.”

The birthday and holiday traditions packages come with beautiful décor and sentimental items that can be reused year after year.

“Kids and adults alike get excited when they have a special tradition to look forward to,” Vanessa says. “That’s where our traditions pack-ages stemmed from—having that unique item to display each year in celebration of someone’s special day.”

Vanessa and Robyn really did think of everything. And that was the point when creating their company.

“Sometimes,” Robyn says, “you have to think outside the box.”

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