The Perfect Little Pantry

Model Veronica Enverica holding an original dessert by Chef Albert Barrett

At Stella’s Modern Pantry, the inspiration always comes from the food.Stella’s is an intimate and yet vivacious store, brimming with all things unique and unusual.Serrano ham from Spain, artesian American and imported cheeses, eclectic sodas and chocolates, all paired with affordable boutique wines.

Taking pastries at Stella’s to an elevated level is what Pastry Chef and Co-owner Albert Barrett strives for.

“People want to have fun shopping,” he says, “and it’s our responsibility here at Stella’s to educate customers during their shopping experience, through sampling and verbal interaction.”

“This is a slow shopping experience,” Co-owner Felicia Tyler agrees. “We are always searching for new and forward ingredients, including the delicious and the hard to find items from around the world.”

Unique, bright, cozy, fun—walking into Stella’s downtown inspires a litany of adjectives. The European-style market and bakery, with its classic black and white awning and metallic green doors, beckons all—from the novice to the culinary expert. You’ll find grand display platters, bowls, cookbooks, and large stainless pots lining the shelves next to high quality oils, salts, and spices.

“Opening this store has been a lifelong dream. I have longed for a shop in Ocala that incorporated all the items necessary for creative cooking and entertaining,” says Owner Stacey Atsides. “Repeatedly I found myself traveling out of town for specialty provisions. However, with the opening of Stella’s, one can come in, order a beautiful cheese board, a glass of wine, place an order for a wedding cake, or just leave with groceries.”

Stella’s Modern Pantry

20 SW Broadway Street, Ocala

(352) 622-FOOD

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