The Publisher: A Change of Season

Here in Central Florida, our seasons can often run together. As a matter of fact, spring is only a few weeks old and we are already looking ahead to the summer months. Maybe it’s the 80-degree temperatures that have us thinking summer already! Or maybe it’s just that the summer is so jam packed with things to do and places to go that we’re excited to get a jump start on our planning! You should be, too.

This issue features our annual summer camp guide: a collection of some of the coolest, most popular summer camps available in our area. Whether your little one is into sports and swimming or arts and crafts, there’s a camp for that. Make sure to reserve your spot early, though. They go quick!

Summertime is a time for kids to be lazy and relaxed, but they’re always up for a party, right? And who needs a special occasion? Sometimes, just surprising your little one or teen with a party for “no particular reason” is the way to go. And the parties featured in our “Party On” story will leave you with no shortage of ideas! Why not host a camping-style sleepover in the backyard? Or celebrate a new school year with a back-to-school book bash. Your kids are sure to love these parties, and their friends will be talking about them for weeks.

Of course, just because summertime is filled with things for the kids to do, doesn’t mean we left out the grown-ups. Our Scene section is filled with ideas to get you out and about, whether you’re interested in meeting up with other bikers, taking in a rockin’ tennis event or finding a new weekend hangout (for this, check out our Scene: After Dark page), The Scene is a smorgasbord of local classes, events, exhibits and productions. And, it changes every month to keep you up to date on what’s happening in and around the region.

If you’d rather park it in front of the television and veg out for a while, that’s OK, too. Tune in to The Discovery Channel’s hit show Swamp Brothers. Based in nearby Bushnell, these brothers tackle (literally) everything from alligators and crocodiles to snakes and other slithery creatures. We spent some time behind the scenes at their farm getting to know the guys. We loved their comedic personalities, and we bet you will, too. That’s what Ocala Style Magazine is all about, after all—introducing you, our readers, to some of the area’s most interesting, innovative and compassionate people.

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