The Publisher : A Manly Month

A Manly Month

In a recent survey, 100 men were questioned on what scent they would most prefer their own cologne to smell like. The top three answers?

Beer, bacon and beef. No, I am not kidding. OK, so this “survey” really took place on an episode of the Family Feud. All things considered, the sample was still 100 average men. With that being said, we knew this survey had to be the inspiration for this, our annual men’s issue.

So where’s the beef? In the following pages, you’ll be introduced to a handful of area beef farmers whose farming techniques are outside the norm… but that’s not a bad thing! These local farmers raise grass-fed cattle instead of the typical grain-fed feedlot cattle. The end result? An animal that’s not only healthier, but that had a good life from start to finish.

Of course, there’s no denying that beer is the alcoholic drink of choice for many. So for all you beer lovers out there, we sent one of our writers to tour some of Florida’s most famous breweries. After sampling her fair share of tasty ales (yes, she’s over 21), Amanda has expertly shared her experiences and thoughts on which brews she finds to be the best.

And in case that’s not enough beer for you, Ocala Style is teaming up with Bud Light to give away 20 awesome mini refrigerators, perfect for your garage or man cave.

Also in this issue is our second installment of our how-to feature for men. Making the list this year are some things we, our female editorial team, think every man should know how to accomplish, such as: how to braid hair (come on dads, you know this one tops your list, too!), how to install a dimmer switch (setting the mood and all) and how to give an awesome backrub (what, again with setting the mood?)

Of course, what would a men’s issue be without a little heart-pounding adventure? This adrenaline rush takes you under the sea into the world of scuba diving. From local caves to the great open waters of Florida’s coasts, you’ll find out how to leave the hassles of land life behind for the tranquility that can only be found under the sea.

And you thought we forgot about the bacon! Finally, this issue features Ocala Style’s Men of Style. These local professionals and entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, but all have one thing in common: success (á la, bringing home the bacon). On the following pages, these men share some insight into their respective professions and what they can do for you and your family.

So, to honor all the men out there, we present this issue filled with humorous, educational and helpful editorial dedicated to the men in our lives. We hope that you, our readers, enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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