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I’ve always been a fan of the arts: concerts, recitals, theatrical productions, there’s just something about getting lost in an imaginary world for an hour or two, enjoying the music and theatrics.

For some though, the arts seem to have become a lost, well, art. With our busy lives and hectic work schedules perhaps we fall back on our normal routines and forget about the excellent cultural and performing arts in our area. So in this issue of Ocala Style, we’re re-reminding you of our thriving local arts scene—it’s buzzing with amazing talent, like the children and young adults showcasedin our Young & Artsy feature on page 44. Just like our much-anticipated Fall Arts preview in September, we’re featuring the highlights for the remainder of our local and regional arts season in our first-ever Winter Arts preview.

And really, Ocala’s art scene will be a busy one in 2012. Our beloved Appleton Museum of Art celebrates its 25th anniversary. There will be celebrations and wonderful new and traveling exhibits that you won’t want to miss. Plus, this March, our resident Horse Fever horses will once again go on the auction block. I’d like to encourage all to come out and support one of the biggest art fundraisers in our community.

On a more personal note, we here at Ocala Style ended the year 2011 with a bang with our Great Toy Giveaway, sharing toys of all shapes and sizes with more than 80 local families, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down any! We’re already starting 2012 off right, by giving away lots of great merchandise to you, our loyal readers. First up? In honor of the NFL playoffs and the upcoming Super Bowl, we’re giving away 40 awesome mini refrigerators this month, courtesy of Bud Light and Budweiser. These mini-fridges are perfect for your sports room or man cave.

And for the extreme adventure seekers out there, we’re giving away two adrenaline filled experiences from Legendary Excursions’ Wide Open Florida. Wanna know more? Turn to page 56 if you dare.

So we hope that with this new year will come new experiences, new friendships and a renewed interest in the arts.

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