The Publisher: Cool It!

Summertime in Central Florida. The sun is scorching. The humidity is climbing. And all we can think of is any way and every way to beat this heat.

I’m happy to say that relief is on the way. While not quite a cold glass of lemonade and a shady spot to sit, our July issue offers teeth-chattering ways for staying cool. And I don’t just mean by using the magazine to fan yourself—although that’s not an entirely bad idea. As you’ll see in the pages to come, we’ve compiled countless helpful tips for chilling out.

We remind our readers that you don’t necessarily need to stay inside to tackle the high temperatures with our collection of favorite watering holes on page 40. We show you where to make a splash (or simply take a dip) locally by highlighting a few familiar spots like Juniper and Rainbow Springs as well as others that might be completely new to you. Ichetucknee Springs, anyone?

There’s simply no substitute for ice cream on a blisteringly hot day, which is why we dish on the frozen treat on page 75 with tempting toppings to try, local ice cream parlors to visit and ultra-adventurous flavors from around the world.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to avoid the heat altogether by heading for the coast. We’ve got you covered in “Seaside Escapes” on page 30. From Rosemary to Delray, the beaches of our sun-kissed state are second to none, and we share with you not only where to stay but also where to play and where to eat. Full disclosure: I lobbied hard for Captiva to be included on this list. The shell-strewn beach at this sweetly secluded island is a personal favorite of my family, and I felt certain it would be for yours, too.

Yes, for all our complaining about the dog days of summer, we should, in fact, be grateful for our seasons. After all, they mark the passage of time, and summer gives full meaning to our state’s sunshiny moniker. Still I can’t help but ask as I brace for the sauna-like heat when I open my front door: Is it fall yet?

In the meantime, kick back, stay cool and enjoy this bit of summer reading!

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