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January, perhaps more than any other month, gets us thinking about taking care of our bodies. After indulging in rich foods and long hours on the couch watching football over the past few months, we start to worry about the number on the scale and the outward changes in our appearance. So we focus our attention on weight loss and exercise. Psychologically, too, the New Year seems to trigger a desire for change and fresh beginnings.

Most Americans have a well-laid plan—go on a diet, hop on that treadmill or sign up for a new gym membership. Unfortunately, it seems that most adults only stick with their newfound health commitment for a matter of weeks. Why is that? There are many reasons, but essentially we fall back into our old routine and lose our focus.

The fact is, however, that the key to lasting good health is not waiting until there’s a crisis before you take action. It requires being proactive and then being committed.

Some time ago, I heard a saying that struck me deeply, motivating me to make and stick with better lifestyle choices—“A healthy person has many wishes. A sick person has but one.” Sadly, we all know of friends and family that may be experiencing that very thing.

The good news is that many of our ailments and illnesses can be improved if not prevented altogether by making simple changes in our daily lifestyle. There is a vast amount of knowledge and a virtually endless number of resources available to educate ourselves and get on a healthy track. The question is, will we see the importance and stay the course?

It’s in that spirit that our team at Ocala Style is launching a new monthly department called “The Pulse.” It will focus entirely on health-related content designed to inform, educate, encourage and, yes, remind you to make your health a priority by keeping the subject front and center in each issue.

In this inaugural publication of The Pulse, we share inspiring stories from local extreme athletes (“Secrets of the Super Fit”), suggestions on great walking areas around town (“Walk This Way”) and some insights as to why our bodies act the way they do (“Our Bizarre Bodies”).

It’s our hope that this new department inspires you this month when ambitions are running high and then throughout the year when your dedication may wane. The pursuit of good health is truly endless, but then no endeavor is more important.

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