The Publisher: There’s No Place Like Home

Home. For many, it’s a place of refuge from the everyday stresses of work, school and life in general. And for awhile now, due to an ever-changing economy, people have found themselves spending more time at home, whether by choice or necessity.

I consider myself somewhat of a home-body, feeling a great sense of comfort in my surroundings. But lately, spending so much time there, I’ve been noticing things I’d like to fix or replace; giving it kind of a fresh home makeover.Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar.

If an upgrade or home repair is on your to-do list, check out our seven how-to’s on page 63. From installing a dimmer switch to draining your hot water tank, we break it down step by step for those novice do-it-yourself types.

Perhaps you’re not ready to attempt some of the bigger jobs and can use a helping hand, then turn to page 48 for our first ever Home Pros Who Know promotional feature. We’re featuring some of the areas best home industry professionals with great advice on how you can improve your home or office space.

Maybe “greening” your home is what’s on your agenda. Simple steps like collecting rain water to water plants or using chemical-free cleaners to tidy up your space can help keep not only your home safe but the environment safe as well. For even more suggestions, turn to page 44.

Sometimes just replacing accessories can liven up a room. As a fun and inexpensive idea, instead of buying new, try a neighborhood yard sale. As writer Mary Ann DeSantis points out, you never know what you might find. As they say, one man’s trash… Besides, if you realize the green vase just isn’t your style after all, no harm done. Add it to your next yard sale and pass it on to someone else.

If you find you are in need of some inspiration, head to the Marion County Building Industry Association’s Parade of Homes. Running from March 3-18, the parade features some of the newest technology and design ideas for home construction and renovation. It’s a great way to boost our local housing industry, too.

Finally, as our way of giving our readers a great reason to love their homes even more, Ocala Style Magazine, along with sponsor Bud Light, has a special gift for 40 families this month—we’re giving away 40 brand-new, 19-inch, LCD televisions. For details on how to enter and win, turn to page 70.


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