The Quantified Human

IHMC’s Chief Strategic Partnership Officer Morley Stone will lecture Dec. 5 on future opportunities and implications for healthspan, resilience and performance.

Morley Stone was always a good student, especially when it came to science. Growing up in Pennsylvania, the youngest of four wrestling brothers also played football and baseball. Their father was a veteran of the Korean War and funeral home director; mom was a teacher and artist. 

“Dad was pragmatic, and mom was creative,” says Stone. “Wrestling imparts life skills, like discipline and accountability, like hard work and no excuses. I later approached every job with that mentality, especially in leadership roles.” 

Stone earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Carnegie Mellon University. He was senior vice president for research at Ohio State University, chief technology officer for the Air Force Research Laboratory and chief scientist of its 711th Human Performance Wing, and a program manager with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He now is the chief strategic partnership officer and a senior research scientist at the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) and CEO of Mined XAI LLC. His research spans areas such as the interface of materials science, biotechnology, human performance and autonomous systems. He says the joy of discovery in research is “magical and addictive.”

Stone lives in Pensacola, the headquarters of IHMC, with his wife, Kelly, where they enjoy spoiling their dog and hiking. They have two adult children. 

Stone said of his affiliation with IHMC that he is a “big fan of their core competencies” and relishes the opportunity to “share our research and solve national problems.” 

Stone is a prolific writer and authored The Quantified Warrior in 2012. He says that more than a decade later, “an even more transformative future exists for redefining healthspan, resilience and performance with the rapid pace of technological improvement surrounding wearables, their associated data and our ever-increasing understanding of the data with respect to human physiology and overall performance.”

When he lectures in Ocala, he will talk about “a feedback loop we refer to as sense-assess-augment (SAA), a concept that underpins our view of the quantified human.”

“While this work has its roots in military-specific examples I will cover,” he explains, “the application of this concept goes well beyond the military, with future examples in rehabilitation, neuromuscular disease, healthspan and, more broadly, a future of human-machine teaming that will be ubiquitous in our everyday lives.” OS

The lecture, at 15 SE Osceola Ave., begins with a reception at 5:30pm. To learn more and RSVP, go to

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