The Rise of the Phenix

The Rise of the Phenix

An upscale luxury salon, Phenix Salon Suites pampers Ocala residents while providing financial opportunities to local salon professionals.

When Gina Rivera went to school to become a licensed hair stylist, she joined a long bloodline of salon professionals. Being a talented hairdresser ran in her genes, but she didn’t realize at the time that eventually she, with the help of her husband, would revolutionize the way hair salons conduct business.

“My wife’s family has been in the salon industry going back about 75 years or so. We have over 24 hairdressers in the immediate family,” says Jason Rivera, founder of Phenix Salon Suites. “As a matter of fact, my wife’s dad, who is over 70 years old now, started hair

when he was 19 and still does hair to this day.”

After years of building a dedicated cliental base and spending time at commission-based salons and then booth rentals with minimum exposure, Gina was ready to start something new.

A few years after their first son, Phenix, was born, the duo took a leap of faith by opening the first Phenix Salon Suites in Colorado Springs. It was a collection of luxury suites that function as fully equipped mini-salons, offering local stylists, skin care experts, nail technicians and others the opportunity for independent business ownership.

“We wanted to avoid all the challenges that are in this industry of trying to manage all the different personalities, having salon meetings and, what we like to call, ‘salon drama,’” says Jason. “We provide salon professionals the opportunity to basically run their own business inside of our umbrella without the hassles of managing employees but with the freedom of being a salon owner.”

Not only did the salon professionals benefit financially, the customers were absolutely hooked on the private one-on-one services and relaxing, luxurious setting. After a few months, Phenix Salon Suites had 20 plus customers on the waitlist and the Riveras knew it was time to expand

Phenix Salon Suites has since expanded tremendously with 20 current locations and 30 more in development, and now Ocala has its very own location in the Shady Oaks Shopping Center.

“In this difficult economy, we help salon professionals maximize their financial success,” says Jason. “They have the chance to own and operate their business without the worry and start-up expense of managing a facility.”

Area residents benefit from the wide assortment of salon and spa services that Phenix Salon Suites brings together in private luxury suites.

“The customers are the biggest fans. They can finally relax while getting a haircut or other service without all the noise and commotion that takes place in traditional salons.This is an excellent location that the community will truly benefit from,” says Jason.

The salon has been open for a couple months, but the grand opening is scheduled for late October or early November, and there will be live entertainment, raffles and more to celebrate.

To make an appointment or to inquire about working with Phenix Salon Suites, call 719-785-4858 or visit

Phenix Salon Suites

(719) 785-4858

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