The Shift

One company aims to change the way you look at decorating your home and space.

The interior design and home décor industry has secrets that one company, sntHOME Interior Design Showroom (Silver Needle & Thread HOME), is committed to exposing through their philosophy and practice of what they define as “Pure Conscious Design.”  

The company’s approach to design and decorating goes far beyond just making a space look pretty, because, in our world today, there are important underlying aspects consumers must consider. Furniture and all aspects of home decor have become what is now known as fast disposable furniture and products, for example. They are created with an obsolescence date, meaning they are constructed to last only about five years. In addition, the products are made up of highly toxic and hazardous chemicals, with many requiring up to eight years to off gas. These chemicals are medically linked to major illnesses plaguing our society and making us sick. 

Patricia Davis, owner of sntHOME, is a connoisseur of beautiful, clean, healthy and sustainable living, and has an extensive career in the fashion and design industry. As she assists clients in decorating their homes, her mission is to educate and make them aware of the alternatives through the implementation of “Pure Conscious Design” principles. 

“sntHOME Interior Design is a retail showroom representing a cornucopia of 218+ fabric mills and brands from around the world and provides 21 services,” Davis shares. “We’re open to the public and to-the-trade professionals for residential and commercial design. No project is too small or big for us to help make beautiful, refresh or design.” 

Davis states that the company’s focus is on the use of organic, natural and sustainable fabrics, products and materials, removing as many toxic items as possible. 

“When you visit our showroom, you’ll find exquisite silks, fine Belgium and Italian linens, organic cotton, embroideries, hemp, wool, mohair, cashmere and blends,” she enthuses. “Because we also have relations with several U.S. fabric mills, we can offer price points for every budget. Some of the major brands we offer include House of Scalamandre, Schumacher, Romo, C & C Milano and Cowtan & Tout.”

Davis notes that sntHOME will provide space planning and even color analysis to further assist clients. 

“Some of our products include sustainable hardware, Carolina custom-built furniture, organic rugs, throw pillows, sustainable wallpaper, organic mattresses and decorative trims,” she explains. “Our services include custom drapery and all forms of window treatments, upholstery, furniture painting, professional measures/installs and pick-up and delivery.” 

The company recently received the Best of Florida honorable mention award for interior design, hosted by This accolade is a testament to sntHOME’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability and, most importantly, their loyal customers.

So, what is “Pure Conscious Design?” It is comprehensive, all-inclusive, mindful creation of space, lifestyle and how we live. 

“It is awareness of the resources available for a better, more balanced, healthier, peaceful and fulling way of life through the incorporation of transformative practices that draw upon the use of ancient wisdom. This wisdom includes knowledge of feng shui, celestial design and vastu shastra,” Davis says. “It also considers modern technologies such as ergonomic design to support movement-activity-functionality, the integration of blending nature with inside through the use of biophilic design, crystal energy healing, air cleansing and purification, electric and magnetic fields (EMF) interruption and reduction. The design is free of fake materials and additives. It’s design without any extraneous and unnecessary elements, not mixed or adulterated. The creator is totally aware, sensitive of and alert to their choices. Comfort, relaxation, healing and restoration to the body, mind and spirit also play an important role.”

If, however, you’re not quite there yet with a concern for healthier design, no worries. In a digital age awash with design inspiration from platforms like Pinterest and Houzz, sntHOME distinguishes itself with its portfolio of custom designs. These designs are more than blueprints, they are the canvas upon which your imagination can paint.

“Our team relishes assisting clients in tailoring their homes to harmonize all their ideas into a harmonious living space,” Davis affirms. “In a world where trends come and go faster than a summer storm, we stand tall as a beacon of timeless elegance and creativity. sntHOME is a realm where dreams are given life, and the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary.”

sntHOME Interior Design Showroom
(Silver Needle & Thread HOME)
Patricia Davis, owner
(904) 480-3719 – (904) 395-1859

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