The Summertime Great Toy Giveaway

Summer: ‘tis the season for sunshine, fun and games. From slime to super heroes and bubbles to sports, we’ve got everything you need to beat the summertime blues. 

Make sure to head over to our Facebook page July 9-20 for your chance to win one of the great toys featured on the following pages. This summer’s toy giveaway is sponsored by Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center. To enter, simply like our page at and stay tuned for details.

Chameleon Kidz The Original Blendy Pens

Twenty-four Blendy Pens offer 276 color combinations. Kit includes 10 posters, 2 stencils, 1 art portfolio and a Blendy airbrush to inspire your inner artist. Why we love it: The color combinations are tons of fun. $24.99,

KD Interactive Kurio Snap

Now kids can snap, edit and share their pics and videos. The touch-screen device also comes preloaded with games that you star in yourself. Why we love it: It includes more than 100 ways to personalize photos. $59.99,

KD Interactive Kurio Watch 2.0+

This watch is loaded. A camera, games, messaging capabilities, music player, calculator, calendar and more come included. Why we love it: It connects to Mom and Dad’s phone via Bluetooth as a hands-free way to make and take calls. $59.99,

Ooze Labs Slime

These fun, simple experiment kits include everything needed to make either glitter or sunshine slime. Why we love it: Use the test tube to store the finished product. $4.95,

Strictly Bricks Trap and Gap Baseplates

These pieces are 100 percent guaranteed to fit with all major brands. Strictly Briks takes the typical baseplate and elevates it with trap doors, ramps and more. Why we love it: Encourages imaginative construction. $24.99,

Playfoam Pals

Playfoam is Educational Insights’ best-selling squishy, squashy molding compound that never dries out. Kids can spend hours sculpting and building. Why we love it: Hidden within each pod, you will find a wild animal friend! $3.99-$47.99,


With the awesome app that goes with Pai Technology’s Cube-Tastic, users can learn to solve the puzzle in less than 60 seconds. Why we love it: Countless combinations make each puzzle new! $19.99, 

Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut’s smallest baby grand piano is perfect for the youngest players. With an octave and a half span of full-width keys, it’s a great starting off point. Why we love it: The piano comes with Schoenhut’s patented Tri-Play Learning System. $65,

Schoenhut Acoustic Guitar

Schoenhut’s acoustic guitar is innovative and educational! Perfect for little hands, the fret board ensures proper height and fret-spacing. Why we love it: It includes a pick and extra string. $55,

Schoenhut 30-key Baby Grand Piano

This tiny piano produces a charming sound that will have little pianists mesmerized. The bench is included, too! Why we love it: It fosters a love of music. $120,

Lulla Doll

Made with neutral colors, the Lulla Doll helps lull your child into a deep sleep with gentle heartbeat and breathing sounds. Why we love it: It’s perfect for a baby or toddler transitioning to their own bed. $69,

Jumbo Puzzle Safari Animals

Mud Puppy’s oversized pieces are perfect for little hands. Also available in Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Why we love it: The 25 pieces are sturdy enough to last! $14.99,

Activity Pack To Go Our World

The kit includes world-themed stickers, color-in postcards, a sketchbook and more. Also available in other themes. Why we love it: The sturdy suitcase-style box keeps everything together. $14.99,

Action Bendables

These extra flexible figures are easy to pose and style. And at just 4 inches tall, they are the perfect on-the-go toy. Super heroes, mermaids, unicorns, ninjas and more! $4 each,

Emzo’s Kawaii Squeezies 

Get your hands on these super squishy, color-changing, blind box creatures by New Dimensions Toys. Why we love it: Series 5 features fantasy creatures, like dragons, unicorns and more. $2.99,

Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa

You and your besties can enjoy a pampering pedicure and foot soak with Maya Toys’ Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa. Why we love it: It includes a convenient strainer and 2,000 Orbeez! $34.99,

Helix Sling Stix

In this sticky game by Yulu, players catch the ball with the suction cup and then use the unique trigger to release the ball before throwing it back. Why we love it: Players can sling the ball up to 30 feet! $14.99,

Metal Tek Ball

Made with unique Metal Tek material, these balls by ZingSportz might look like metal but are actually soft and super bouncy. Why we love it: These balls bounce over 50 feet! $7.99,

Jakks Pacific Incredibles 2 Power Couple 

Use Mr. Incredible’s super strength to slingshot Elastigirl into the fight and save the city! The three included targets don’t stand a chance. Why we love it: Features 45-plus sounds. $29.99,

National Geographic Brain Games Kids

This Buffalo Games game challenges the mind in three categories, including body language, brain benders and puzzling pictures! Why we love it: It gets kids thinking in a whole new way! $19.99,

Scooby Doo Fright at the Fun Park Game

Can you find where the ghoul is hiding first? Keep track of your clues with the included maps and wipe-off markers. Why we love it: There’s a mystery decoder, too! $19.99,

Lego Creator- Daredevil Stunt Plane

This kit includes three options to choose from—rocket car, rocket boat or daredevil plane. Why we love it: The included stunt man is ready to perform. $19.99,

Lego Friends- Emma’s Art Stand

This art stand opens in three ways and includes a variety of great accessories, including Chico the cat. Why we love it: The included scooter is loads of fun, too. $19.99,

The Mighty Maze Maker

With these kits by Mazo-O, kids can build their own mazes, complete with tricky paths and dead-ends. Why we love it: Design your own maze or create pre-designed mazes. $29.87,

Buffalo Games and Puzzles Watch Ya’ Mouth

See if you can say the family-friendly clues clearly while wearing the included cheek retractors. Why we love it: Laughs are guaranteed. $19.99,

Silly Street

Can you do karate like a kangaroo? Sing like a hippo? Give if your best shot in this Buffalo Games game. Why we love it: It gets kids up and moving—and acting silly! $19.99,

5 Surprise

In these surprise balls from Zuru, unbox a surprise in each of the five sealed compartments. Why we love it: Available in both pink and blue. $4.99,

My Little Sports Medicine

Bring medicine to life with this kit by Little Medical School. Treat an ankle sprain, make models of joints and perform a simulated surgery. Why we love it: This kit goes beyond the basics. $49.99,

Escape Room The Game: Virtual Reality

Use a combination of VR goggles with two digital apps, various clues and hint cards to escape before the time runs out. Why we love it: This game, by Identity Games, offers two escape rooms: “Submarine” or “Behind Enemy Lines.” $24.95, 

Play Date In A Box

Each kit by Artful Playdate provides themed costumes and accessories for two children. Why we love it: Choose from themes like Pirate Adventure or Superpower Girls. $29.95,

Incredibles 2 Jack Jack Attacks

Poke Jack Jack’s tummy to see and hear fiery flames, laser eyes, electric sparks and more. Why we love it: The sounds coming from this doll by Jakks Pacific will keep everyone laughing. $39.99,

Mozi- geometric arm spinner

It’s like a slinky for your arm, spinning continuously and effortlessly from one arm to another. Why we love it: You can pass  it from your arm to a friend’s. $12.99,

Slam Rocket

Slam rockets are a one-of-a-kind mylar designed rocket with no helium required.  A balloon toy you can bounce or launch up to 50 feet in the air.  Why we love it: Play catch with your friends.

Next Wave Jumbo Beach Basket

This kit includes everything needed for a fun-filled day. Molds, shovel, a sifter, roller, you need it, it’s included. Why we love it: The collapsible folding case makes cleanup a breeze. Available at Sam’s Club. $14.99,

Coop Scatter Dodgeball

Players wear two wristbands of their chosen color and gather around a dodgeball to roll a dice and collect wristbands. Why we love it: It’s a fun spin on classic dodgeball. $19.99,

Funrise Bubble Pong

This game lets players toss ping pong balls into their opponent’s side to earn points and release a stream of bubbles. Why we love it: With three levels of difficulty, little ones don’t have to be left out. $19.99,

Dolce Plush

Babies will quickly reach for this soft plush companion, which has rattles, teethers, squeakers, and more. Why we love it: Dolce toys encourage sensory exploration. $24.99,

Zuru Marvel Avengers Bunch o’ Balloons

Battle it out with Marvel Avengers-themed water balloons. Why we love it: The pack comes with a funnel to speed up filling. $8.99,

Jakks Pacific Incredibles 2 Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle

Crank the launching ramp and watch Elastigirl speed away. Why we love it: The figure is removable. $39.99,

Uncle Milton Jabba the Hutt Slime Lab

Watch different substances interact as the gooey slime in Jabba’s Palace is recreated. Why we love it: The kit is designed to help kids learn about scientific inquiry.

Hasbro Play-Doh Wavy the Whale 

Squeeze the Play-Doh to see the whale “spray” from his sprout. Why we love it: The set comes with cutters and molds. $9.99,

Hasbro Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus 

Help an octopus grow his legs, and mold under-the-sea friends. Why we love it: It includes five vibrant cans of Play-doh. $14.99,

Hasbro Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer 

Mix, shape and decorate baked goods. Why we love it: Recipe cards are included for baking inspiration. $14.99,

Prime Time International MegaMelon Sprinkler Ball 

Four water fountains spray from this inflatable outdoor toy, which stands 3 feet tall. Why we love it: Setup is simple. $19.99,

Magformers Sky Track Playset

Use magnets to build a rollercoaster up in the air. Why we love it: Kids can get creative and watch their designs come to life. $99.99,

Goliath Photo Pearls

Use the Photo Pearls app to transform a photo into a work of art.  Why we love it: Come on, that’s just cool! $17.99,

Beasts of Balance

Players learn to strategize and balance pieces in this brightly colored interactive game. Why we love it: It combines elements of hands-on play and the digital world. $109.99,

Melissa & Doug Examine & Treat Pet Vet Playset 

Two plush pets and pretend medical supplies come together for healing and helping furry friends. Why we love it: Everything packs up into a portable tote. $29.99,

Melissa & Doug Feeding & Grooming Pet Care Playset

Animal lovers will go wild for this pet grooming setup, which includes pets and accessories. Why we love it: The nail clippers vibrate. $29.99,

Goliath Paint Station 

Artists and their parents will enjoy the solid brush-activated paint. No drips! Why we love it: A tabletop easel is included. $19.95,

Goliath Build or Boom

Little builders race to see who can build their structure the quickest. The first to finish gets to smash an air hose that sends their opponent’s building toppling. Why we love it: No batteries. $24.99,

Stuff Happens Card Game

This PG-13 friendly card game asks you to rank the most annoying everyday occurrences and compare your ranking with its Misery Index. Why we love it:
Players can relate to these humorous situations. $19.97,

Thames & Kosmos I Dig It Dinosaurs 

Dinosaur bones come buried and waiting to be excavated and assembled in these sets. Why we love it: Makes a great model to put on display. $12.95,

Magformers Paw Patrol

This set of magnetic building toys proves that no job is too big when users create 3-D structures out of 2-D materials. Why we love it: The magnetic pieces clean up easily. $49.99,

Dreamland FairyHouse 

Paint and decorate your own fairy house and await the arrival of the Dreamland Fairy. Why we love it: Crafting is easy when everything you need comes in one set.  $24.99,

Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort 

Tooth fairies are sure to stop by this wooden tree fort, which comes with craft supplies to decorate. Why we love it: The book adds to the experience. $24.99,

Dreamland Mermaid Grotto 

Create a clamshell treasure chest with a starfish friend and plush mermaid. Why we love it: Sea glass gems make decorating fun. $29.99,

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Home 

This tiny home by Epoch Everlasting Play is the perfect starter set and comes furnished with everything you need. Why we love it: You can add to your Calico Critter family with the blind bag Nursery Series. $29.95; blind bags, $4.99 each;

Pool Party 

Too many swimmers can send the water spilling, tossing you right out of the pool. Be the first to land three divers to win. Why we love it: It’s a pool party you play indoors! $21.99,

Blue Orange Where’s Mr. Wolf

Can everyone work together to corral the farm animals before Mr. Wolf returns? Why we love it: Playtime is a quick 10 minutes. $19.99,

Rocket Fishing Rod 

This awesome fishing rod by Goliath Games does the casting for you! Just pump, aim and launch. Why we love it: The safety bobber keeps the hook enclosed until it’s in water. $29.50,

Fin Fun Mermaid Tail

It’s easy to imagine life as a mermaid while wearing Fin Fun’s swimmable mermaid tail.  Why we love it: The 60-day Tail Tip warranty is the best in the industry. Starts at $54.95. (Monofin sold separately and needed for swimming),

Shark Fin

Fin Fun’s exclusive Shark Fin has been redesigned with a soft, ultra-lightweight foam-like material. Why we love it: The adjustable straps are built for comfort. $29.95,

Bright Lights Soccer Ball

Your infant or toddler will love the songs and sounds that come from this motion-activated plush soccer ball. Why we love it: It teaches opposites, numbers and sportsmanship. $14.99,

3D Play Rugs

With intricate details and 3-D qualities, hours of play are practically guaranteed. Why we love it: IVI World’s rugs come in a variety of sizes and themes, including city, farm and beach house. Prices vary,

Crayola Kids@Work Build & Draw Activity Table

This reversible table caters to both your little one’s inner builder and artist. Why we love it: 40 blocks and art supplies are included.

 Available at Walmart. $49.99,

Crayola Building Blocks Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Treehouse Play Set

Construct Daniel’s awesome playset on your own and then let your imagination do the rest. Why we love it: Five fun characters are included.

Available at (online exclusive). $14.97,

Blue BMX Balance Bike 

This metal BMX-style balance bike is suitable for youngsters just learning to balance on a bike. Why we love it: The seat and handlebars are adjustable. $149.99,

Kiddimoto Kurve

This balance bike promotes exercise, learning and fun, while helping children learn balance and coordination. Why we love it: The Kurve gives an upright posture, similar to that of a regular bike. $99.99,

Melissa & Doug Kites

The colorful Winged Dragon kite with a 62-inch wingspan is easy to assemble, launch and fly. Meanwhile the Skyrunner Delta Kite features a 40-inch wingspan and eye-catching streaming tails. Why we love it: These kites are colorful and creative. $14.99-$16.99,

Kess Skyship Flyer 

Skyship Flyer lets you play catch with a balloon toy that acts like a real, gliding, hybrid airship!  Why we love it: No helium is needed.

Ring Stix

When you’re tired of the typical outdoor games, give Funsparks’ Ring Stix a try! Just pull your stix apart to launch the ring to the other player. Why we love it: Comes with a bonus glow-in-the-dark ring. $29.99,

Lawn Darts 

This glow-in-the-dark lawn dart game by Funsparks is a perfect game to get the whole family outdoors and moving. Why we love it: They are safe with soft tips. $19.99,

Infant Baby Spring Float 

This Swimways’ safety seat includes an SPF 50 sun canopy, a three-point harness for safety and handles so you can keep hold of your little one the entire time they’re in the pool. Why we love it: Keeps baby close by. $39.99,

Funsparks Jazzminton (LED)

There are lots of play options! Fast-paced, slow-paced and even at night with LED birdies! Why we love it: Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. $24.99,

Kess Drop Dots 

Bounce it, catch it, throw it! Whatever you do, you won’t be able to put it down, Kess’ Drop Dots Balls are one-of-a-kind balls that come in six different bright colored combos! Why we love it: It’s completely tactile for kids! $8.99,

Zoom Ball Hydro

In this game by Goliath, zoom the ball over to a friend, but beware—you never know when the water balloons inside will pop! Why we love it: The anticipation of getting drenched makes for lots of laughs. $17.66,

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital On-The-Go Pet Carrier

This set by Just Play includes a plush pet, stethoscope, hair brush, otoscope and more. Why we love it: Keeping all the accessories together makes cleanup a breeze! $19.99,

Chalk Table Runner (plus dust-free Butterstix chalk)

This reuseable chalk table runner, by Jaq Jaq Bird, is the perfect way to entertain kids during a playdate or on a rainy day. Why we love it: It comes with ButterStix–Zero Dust Chalks. $29.99,

My First Learning Tablet

Kids will feel just like Mom and Dad with this kid-tough toddler tablet from LeapFrog, complete with 20 apps. Why we love it: Tablet creates special sounds and a lightshow. $17.99,

Horizon Group USA STMT D.I.Y Bath Bombs

This product by Horizon Group USA includes everything needed to make five sweet-smelling bath bombs. Why we love it: It includes body glitter for when you want to sparkle! $16.99, available on

Leap Frog Tad’s Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

This classic teaches letters, sounds and fine motor skills. Why we love it: Keeps the little one close while you’re cooking or cleaning! $19.99,

Stomp Rocket 3 Stunt Planes

Three planes and they all fly differently! Just stomp and watch them fly. Why we love it: Comes fully assembled. $29.99. Available at, and

Eaten Alive Float

This unique float by Swimways makes it look like you’re about to be swallowed by a creature from the deep.  Why we love it: Great for photo ops. $24.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond,

Jakks Pacific Squish Dee Lish

These slow-rise squishables are guaranteed to please. Collect all the characters, from wacky to Disney Tsum Tsum. Why we love it: They even come super-sized! $4.99 each ($5.99 Disney and $14.99 jumbo),

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

This flying ring was used to set a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw at 1,333 feet! Why we love it: The soft edges equal comfortable catches! $9.99,, Hobby Lobby, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

E-Blox Circuit Builder 120

Builds 120 different projects that make noise, move, light up and more. Why we love it: You can even build a real working FM radio! $43.99,

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Gas Station Playset

Realistic sounds and Mickey phrases make this a Mickey lover must-have. Why we love it: The air pump pumps real air! $24.99,

Mandala Rock Art

Learn step by step how to make intricate mandala designs. Why we love it: Available in marbled, galaxy and metallic kits as well. $5, Available at and Walmart. 

Identity Games Dodgeball

Be the first to stack six mini dodgeballs before the spinning dodgeball player takes off your head! Why we love it: It’s fast-paced and interactive. $24.99,

Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

With Learning Resources’ Botley, kids as young as 5 can code. But with advanced features, he will grow to meet your more advanced coder’s needs as well. Why we love it: Botley is 100 percent screen free! $79.99,

Aqua Kidz Aqua Creatures Swim Masks

Kids will want to explore new depths with this ferocious crocodile swim accessory. Why we love it: Also comes in pink and blue sharks. $9.97, available at Walmart

Nickelodeon Slime Automatic Slime Drencher

Watch out, you never know when you might get slimed. Why we love it: Refill packs are available to keep the fun going. $19.99,

Interactive Storybook AR TJ & the Beanstalk

Now you can become a part of the story with 360-degree animations by Pai Technology! Why we love it: Brings stories to life! $14.99,

Mad Mattr Quantum Pods

The super-soft, non-toxic building compound molds and shapes into endless creations. Now, Mad Mattr is available in pocket-sized, portable Quantum Pods. Why we love it: It’s available in six colors! $6.99,

Professor Maxwell’s 4D Science

Immerse yourself in the world of science with this awesome AR science kit. Why we love it: Includes 30-page book of experiments and needed supplies for 10 experiments. Also available in 4D chemistry. $39.99,

Zuru Tangle

Twist, turn and bend Tangles into any shape and bring art to the palm of your hands! Why we love it: The compact style allows you to take Tangles anywhere! $7.99,

American Girl Snack Stand

Put your American Girl doll to work with a wooden food stand with a serving counter, a pretend grill, a condiment tray and a cash drawer that opens. Why we love it: It comes with tons of accessories. $85,

American Girl Truly Me Doll

The 18-inch Truly Me doll has a huggable cloth body, eyes that open and close, hair that can be styled and moveable limbs made of smooth vinyl. Why we love it: The clothes and accessories are super cute. Just check out this Explore the Outdoors outfit, sold separately for $28. Doll, $115,

Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

Dissolve the reactor pod to see which creatures you’ll discover. Why we love it: The set doubles as an actual science lab and includes an experiment guide. $24.99, 

Grip Zone Carbon Fiber Sports Balls

The Grip Zone carbon fiber series includes footballs with a surface that makes this football the easiest to grasp, throw and catch! Why we love it: Also comes in soccer ball and soft flying disc. $14.99-$24.99,

Trapp Ball Net Game

This innovative system from Saturnian 1 comes with two trick sport nets with elastic sides and cushioned hand grips that allow participants to toss balls up to 100 feet. Why we love it: Also comes with a bean ball, splash ball and rubber ball. It’s three games in one. $24.95,

eBird Blue Pigeon

This RC bird has a remote control range of up to 90 feet, and the real bionic flapping wings make this bird super realistic. Also comes in parrot, phoenix and butterfly. Why we love it: It’s quick-charging! $39.99,

SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm

Use Mukikim’s alarm to set up an invisible barrier to protect your lair. Why we love it: Switch from a loud alarm mode to a silent flashing light for stealthy protection. $34.99,

Rock And Roll It Classic Piano

This award-winning, flexible, completely portable piano by MukikiM features 49 standard keys. Why we love it: It’s powered by USB or batteries! $49.99,

Crazy Numbers

Crazy Numbers by the Happy Puzzle Company is a game of lightning speed and observation. Will you spot the missing numbers? Add or multiply? Think fast! Why we love it: It’s educational and fun. $14.99,

Q Wunder

Help Q the monkey race to the top of his treehouse by answering questions and performing fun actions. Why we love it: A fun way to learn life lessons. $29.99,

Razor Spark Ultra Scooter

While exploring the neighborhood on this smooth scooter, simply step on the flash bar for a quick burst of glittering sparks. Why we love it: Includes Razor’s brightest LED wheels ever! $59.99,

OOLY 3D Colorables & Unmistakeables Erasable Colored Pencils

These three-dimensional art kits allow your child’s coloring to come to life. Why we love it: Can be inflated and deflated as needed. ($7.99). If you’re looking for the perfect coloring companion, choose the Unmistakeables Erasable Colored Pencils ($8.99),

OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks

With Ooly’s Chunkies Paint Sticks, you can create colorful paintings without any mess. Just twist up the paint stick and start painting! Why we love it: Includes classic, metallic and neon colors! $24.99,

OOLY Scratch & Scribble

Just scratch to reveal fun, colorful illustrations. Why we love it: Also includes blank cards to create your own artwork. $7.99,

OOLY Chroma Blends

For the older artist, Ooly’s Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette and Watercolor Brush Markers are the way to go. The travel palette includes water brushes, so no need to carry around cups of water! ($24.99). The 18-piece brush marker set with its synthetic bristles allows the artist to add water to the marker, the paper or use no water at all. ($19.99, watercolor pad is $11.99). Why we love them: The looks are endless.

OOLY Carry Along Sketchbook 

With an easy-to-grasp handle, this fun sketchbook is ready to go when you are. Fun shapes include the fox, cat and dog. Why we love it: It’s perforated for easy tear out and display of artwork. $11.99,

Spin Balls LED Poi Kit

These soft-glowing LED poi are attached to adjusted leashes making it easy to create beautiful, glowing designs. Why we love it: They change colors! $24.99,

Max Flex RC 250 Blaze Edition

These flexible tracks by Skull Duggery are easy to change and customize. Why we love it: The track glows when the lights are dimmed. $59.99,

Tangle Creations NightBat

Want a different spin on baseball? With this light up ball and bat you can hit it out of the park after dark. Why we love it: It’s just too cool! $19.99,

Ice Hula Hoops

Patented V-Grip technology allows for hooping with ease, durability and control. Several sizes are available. Why we love it: They look awesome and the unique shape makes doing tricks easy! $5.99,








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