The Things I Can’t Live Without | Esmirna Caraballo

Esmirna Caraballo shares the things she can't live without

By Bruce Ackerman

Esmirna is the owner of ENATS, an accounting firm, and is co-founder of the Hispanic Business Council of Ocala, which focuses on helping the small businesses community, minority community and community at large. She says she can’t live without her family: husband, Obed; daughter Ariana, owner of ALC Artistic Bakery; and son Obed, who is in elementary school. “They are my lifeline,” she shares, “and it’s always an interesting day with them.”



I can’t be without coffee. Since I was a kid, our culture gave us children coffee and it’s something I have to have! I’ll get coffee from Starbucks, Latin American Café or Café Havana.


Plants and Crystals

My plants and crystals are so earthy and so refreshing, which allows me to relax and feel safe. I buy my plants from Lowe’s or from The Peacock Cottage, where I also get my crystals.

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Norwich, Norfolk, UK – December 2021. Close up of a Pandora ch



I love my jewelry! I adore Pandora and handmade jewelry. It just gives that extra style to my daily wardrobe as I go to my office. I love to shop at Agapanthus in downtown Ocala.


Good Food

Having a good meal is a must! And it doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or dinner, at home or out. A good steak is the key to my happiness—especially when shared with good company. I like La Cuisine, Edo Sushi & Steakhouse, LongHorn Steakhouse and Sayulita Taqueria.

Bücherstapel mit E-Book Reader Kindle


A Good Book

I love to read. A good book helps with what I may be feeling on any day. It allows me to wind down as well. I enjoy romance, fiction, documentaries and more, mostly purchased on my Kindle.

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