The Things I Can’t Live Without | John West

John West shares the things he can't live without


John is the co-founder of The Guest House Ocala, where he helps individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. He is also the founder of Sober Companions, a specialized organization that provides personalized support to high-profile individuals, and is a board member for the Public Education Foundation of Marion County.

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I find joy, love and support from my wife, Audra, son Liam, and our two puppies Watson and Shamus.



Above all, I believe in the power laughter has to unite people and lift spirits through the most challenging times.



It is an essential part of my daily routine, invigorating me for the day ahead. Can’t go without a cup from Symmetry Coffee Company.



As an avid reader, I find solace and enlightenment in books. Reading allows me to broaden my knowledge and offers an escape from the daily grind.



I love exploring different cultures and creating cherished memories. My favorite destinations to note would be Iceland, Turkey and Hawaii.




Being outdoors rejuvenates my spirit, providing inspiration and a sense of peace. We love going to Santos Trail, Baseline Park and Silver Springs.



My father was a movie actor and I’ve also worked setting up movies. So every time I go to the movies, I connect in some small way to my father, who has passed away.

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