The Things I Can’t Live Without | Lisa Midgett

Lisa is the owner of NOMA Gallery, a founding partner in NOMA Records, president of the David and Lisa Midgett Foundation and chair of the boards of the Marion Cultural Alliance and Arts in Health Ocala Metro. She loves people and finding new places to explore.



Strong Female Friendships
I can’t live without my strong female friendships. Now more than ever, we need to depend on and celebrate each other.


The Reilly Arts Center & The Marion Theatre Complex
My favorite place to go is the Reilly Arts Center. I’m looking forward to NOMA’s upcoming dance party Rock and Rosé on August 27th in the NOMA Black Box and opening night of Symphony. (


Chanel Le Blanc Huile Healthy Light Creator Oil
Like many who got sick during the pandemic, my skin has taken a major hit. My trusted products were no longer working. Someone sent me this oil and I’ve been addicted since. You can add serums and extra moisturizer if you’d like but I find a serum and this oil are just right. (


My MacBook Pro
It has traveled the world. This workhorse helps me keep all the balls in the air from graphic design to business planning. (


Good Girl by Carolina Herrera
The perfume first caught my eye as it is bottled in a high heeled shoe. And when I smelled it, Wow! A complicated perfume to reflect todays modern woman with a top note of almond, base notes of cocoa and mod notes of jasmine and tuberose. 


Soleil Bakery & Social House
I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Patrick when she first started selling her macarons at the farmers market. They soon became a NOMA staple. As someone with a gluten allergy, I know I’m safe with Melanie.


Ivy on the Square
I like to take my meetings at my unofficial “office.” No matter the topic, a fancy gin cocktail, handmade by mixologist Victor Liberty, can enliven any meeting. (


CHANEL Handbag
I wanted this bag since I was a very young woman but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on the price tag. However, in 2014 when I sold a business and retired, I bought myself this bag to celebrate. The retirement didn’t stick, but the bag has. (

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