The Things I Can’t Live Without | Nick Steele


Nick is a journalist and creative consultant who is a regular contributor to multiple media outlets, including Ocala Style. In his off-hours, he enjoys volunteering, hiking Paynes Prairie and taking off on travel adventures.



Great Coffee & a Great Cause

I can’t function without my coffee and love the blend from Dignity Roasters, a local a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping those in need earn what they need. Order it by the bag or stop by their new café. (


Fresh Ideas

My work allows me a daily opportunity to do what I love best: indulge my creativity, learn something new and tell great stories.



Kindness and Empathy

It seems pretty simple, right? But it’s worth saying, especially when there is so much anger, divisiveness and casually unkind behavior in the world. A real smile, a sincere gesture, an open heart and an attempt at understanding each other are so incredibly important. People who are kind and empathetic are more satisfied with their lives and have better physical and mental health and stronger relationships.


Hot Showers, Handmade Soap & Plush Towels

There’s nothing better than starting and ending the day with the comforts of Lauren Ralph Lauren Sanders Quick Dry Antimicrobial Bath Sheets and handmade soaps like Eucalyptus & Spearmint or Black Raspberry Vanilla from Oneness Essentials. (


Good Conversation

It stimulates the mind and gives me comfort. I think I’m the last person in the world who enjoys a good long chat on the phone!


My Instagram Feed

From new pieces by my favorite artists and posts from faraway friends to funny cat videos, I need my daily fix.



Thrift Store Finds

I get a charge discovering some unique items like a piece of handmade pottery, which I collect.


In all its wonderful life-affirming iterations!

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