They’ve Taken a Load Off

Comm-Tech owner Matt Ellis has a decade of experience in the telecommunication industry.


As the head of human relations at Steven Counts Inc., Melinda Irons often has a full plate. Most recently, she oversaw the switch of the landsite development company’s 300 work phones to Verizon, which seemed like quite a task at first since business had to continue uninterrupted during the change. Employees still had to be in touch with clients, and deadlines still had to be met.

Fortunately, Irons had the expertise of Matt Ellis and his Comm-Tech team on her side.

“It’s been great,” Irons says of the transition. “We’ve swapped 200 of them so far, and it’s been very smooth. They’ve got a great team at Comm-Tech, and they take care of everything. If I need something, they go out of their way and bring it to me. They’ll come out two or three times a day.”

That’s just business as usual for Ellis, a 10-year veteran of the communication industry and a business owner himself who understands first-hand the barrage of decisions and issues Steven Counts Inc. and other local companies face daily. Comm‑Tech takes the stress out of one very critical part of any business—communication services—finding ways for any size company to not only reduce costs but also simplify services.

“We serve as their communications representative,” explains Ellis, who adds that the process begins with a simple and free consultation. “We review what they currently have, whether it’s Verizon or a different carrier, and we find ways to save them money. It may be a dollar amount or, say, an e-mail application, a push-to-talk feature, or GPS that increases employee productivity.”

As a Verizon Wireless provider, Comm-Tech provides businesses with access to the number-one carrier in the nation with over 85 million subscribers and a 3G network unrivaled in its coverage.

Justin Parish, owner of Par-Gas in Bushnell, recently worked with Comm-Tech to find out how he could save on the bill for his employees’ work phones. He’s more than pleased with the result.

“My bill was running anywhere from $900 to $1,000 a month, and I pay $498 right now,” Parish says. “Whatever I need, they handle it. They’ve really taken a load off of me. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about.”

(352) 748-0453
Representatives throughout Marion County with stores in Wildwood and Bushnell.

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