Thrifty Business

From thrift stores with an artsy side to charity shops that pay big benefits, the hunt is half the fun and home treasures abound.

Looking for a stylish vintage loveseat or some fabulous one-of-a-kind artwork? Maybe you’re on the hunt for some flamingo-pink midcentury Fiesta ware. No matter how quirky an item you want, you can probably find it “pre-owned and gently used” in a thrift store.

Thrifting has long been a draw for bargain hunters and those seeking unique vintage treasures, and while it never really went away, it has come out of the closet, so to speak. It’s now considered quite chic—especially here in Florida, where high-end, stylish and nearly new home furnishings and accessories are widely available. No longer considered a step down for home decorating needs, the variety and quality of “gently pre-owned,” used or flea market finds offer great options for making your home unique.

There are some variations in store types to keep in mind when shopping used furnishing and décor stores.

Consignment stores accept items from sellers and take a percentage of the sales price (in this market, typically about 50 percent). Consignment stores only make money when they sell an item, so they evaluate items with care and may turn down things that aren’t of high enough quality, aren’t in season, or are in poor condition. If you’re looking for name brands and quality décor and furnishings, consignment stores are a great option as someone has done the quality-assurance legwork for you. Several of the larger consignment stores in Marion County include The Carriage Trade, Renaissance Room, and Infiniti Fine Consignments.

A thrift shop may or may not have a charity component and can either be part of a national organization or an arm of a local group. Marion County has several nationally recognized and locally operated nonprofit thrift stores such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Though home furnishings are not necessarily a focus at all of these shops, there are always lots of home décor and home goods on offer.

Some notable local nonprofit examples include A2nd Chances Thrift Store which supports a women’s prison program that benefits recently released parolees. The Humane Society of Marion County Thrift Store devotes its profits to helping local animals in need.

Some thrift stores are distinctly well organized, clean and orderly (the Hospice of Marion County thrift stores are an example); others are more of a jumble. For many shoppers though, treasure hunting is part of the “thrill of the chase,” so they are happy to root through boxes or hunt and pick, hoping to discover a hidden gem. It just depends on your own shopping style and preferences.

Thrift stores can also be independently owned and operated, and whether or not the items are curated depends upon the store’s owner and management. That’s So Shabby That’s So Chic, for example, is a light and bright, curated shop (complete with a charming feline greeter named Tootsie who will distract you from shopping by insisting on playtime) with refurbished and hand-painted vintage furnishings and stylish vignettes, and items organized by style and color palette. Brother’s Keeper, in their expanded store now on 14th Street, has even more donated furniture that can be purchased by shoppers and also is available free to needy clients given vouchers from the agency.

Antique stores, of course, offer valuable vintage and authenticated antique items. If you’re looking for something along these lines or have a specific item in mind—say, a Danish modern coffee table from the 1950s—an antique store is probably the best place to start your search. Many stores like this use a vendor booth model and have different sellers with displays in the store that are changed out periodically. What’s fun about these places is that some vendors specialize in a certain era, style or theme.

While it would be a monumental task to list all the shops and stores that fall under the pre-owned sales banner, we’ve assembled a list of some of the standouts, by area, to help on your next treasure hunt. We’d also love for you to share your favorites with us on social media—be sure to tag #OSHome2020 when you do.


The Finicky Flamingo

640 NW 27th Ave Ocala

(352) 867-0537

Light and bright with themed furniture and home décor as well as upcycled shabby chic items. Curated with care, reasonable prices, and a distinct vibe.

Habitat Ocala ReStore

926 NW 27th Ave Ocala and

10800 SW 91st Ave Ocala

(352) 401-0075

All kinds of household items and some building supplies at good prices. A great mix of merchandise that turns over quickly and changes daily.

Ocala Antique Mall & Estates

4425 NW Blichton Rd Ocala

(352) 624-2511

A great source for truly unusual antique and vintage items. The curated mix of merchandise, in a variety of styles and eras, is offered by various vendors/dealers and well priced for the market.

Humane Society of Marion County Thrift Store

110 NW 10th St Ocala

(352) 732-8424

This charity-based store is consistently brimming with a wide variety of household items and some furniture at low prices. They offer some new/closeout merchandise as well.

The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store

120 NW 10th St Ocala

(352) 732-7058

Another charity-based shop with a true mix of all kinds of household items and furnishings. Good variety and low prices.

Brother’s Keeper Thrift Store

320 NW 10th St Ocala

(352) 732-7988

Recently relocated from its former downtown location, the store has much more room for furnishings, home décor items and housewares, as well as the other items. Good low prices and a great cause.


Legends Vintage Goods

3305 E Silver Springs Blvd Ocala

(352) 299-5400

Housed in a former bar, this shop has multiple dealer booths with an eclectic mix of home décor items, some small furniture items, and a funky assortment of vintage finds at reasonable prices.

That’s So Shabby That’s So Chic

3602 NE 8th Pl Unit K Ocala

(352) 694-2778

Offering painted furniture, reclaimed items, and how-to painting classes, this cheery shop carries a great selection of home furnishings and décor, collectibles and new gift items, all curated with care at good prices.

The Carriage Trade

2005 E Silver Springs Blvd Ocala

(352) 369-9298

This consignment store has been serving the Ocala area for decades, offering a carefully curated selection of home furnishings with delivery available. Housed in a former department store, dressing rooms are now nooks in which to treasure hunt.

Infiniti Consignment

2750 E Silver Springs Blvd #300 Ocala

(352) 671-1890

Recently reopened after moving from the southwest side of town, the larger space carries a full range of home furnishings, artwork and décor staged in enticing vignettes.


The Mustard Seed Collection

56 SE 1st Ave #102 Ocala

(352) 854-0294

Owner Mandy Bucci just enjoys “old stuff” and has filled her boutique with interesting antique and vintage finds, along with reasonably priced new jewelry and other wearables, all curated to inspire. She also carries milk paints.

Rustique Vintage Market

506 NE 1st Ave Ocala

(352) 304-5756

Relatively new, this two-year-old shop has a great selection of farmhouse type décor including lots of chicken and rooster-themed items. Dozens of vendors offer reasonably priced casual

country treasures.

The White Elephant

120 S Magnolia Ave Ocala

(352) 732-5580

The main store is small and overflowing with a quirky mix of home décor and vintage items. Larger furniture is housed in a former gas station just down the block, and it’s a true treasure hunter’s delight.


122 S Magnolia Ave Ocala

(352) 433-2084

Next door to the White Elephant  is a treasure trove of vintage and antique furniture and décor items—including an incredible selection of unique drawer pull knobs.


The Garden Thrift and Boutique

12740 SE County Hwy 484 Belleview

Open since 2010, the store’s inventory comes from auctions, donations, and estate sales. It has an ever-changing mix of furniture and décor items. Offers solid selection and great prices.

Destiny Antiques & More

10121 US Hwy 441 Belleview

(352) 789-1670

This charity-based shop also helps victims of domestic abuse and the disadvantaged get back on their feet. Offering a variety of furnishings, homewares, and décor items at affordable prices.

Wings of Faith Thrift Store

3330 SE 58th Ave Ocala

(352) 694-1158

This cheery charity shop runs weekly specials and even has a shopper loyalty card program. They stock all kinds of household items, décor and furnishings.

House to Home

6108 SE Hames Rd Belleview

(352) 347-4006

Boasting carefully curated fine consignments, painted furniture and handcrafted items along with some vintage finds, this charity store hosts vendor booths, sells mineral paint and offers a custom painting service and painting classes.

Operation Shoebox Furniture Store

5940 SE Hames Rd Belleview

(352) 307-6723

This veterans organization, which uses funds raised to send care packages to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas, offers large furniture, small decorations and accessories at great prices. They also have a thrift store with lots of housewares at 8360 E Highway 25.


Discount Daze

1211 SW 17th St Ocala

(352) 304-6572

With a mix of used, consignment, and some new furniture, this store has a solid selection of painted/shabby chic furniture, curated with care at reasonable prices.

A2nd Chances Thrift Store

5100 W. State Rd 40 #300 Ocala

Run by a women’s prison ministry, this store offers curated furnishings and accessories staged in vignettes, as well as a back room with a more eclectic mix of items.

Renaissance Room

7380 SW 60th Ave Ocala

(352) 854-7022

This consignment store with an ever-changing selection focuses on major household furnishings (think entire bedroom suites and dining room sets), single pieces, and décor accessories.

Hospice of Marion County

has multiple locations listed at

Clean and well organized, with an inventory that includes accessories, furniture and household items at low prices with changing daily discounts.

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