Tower Hill Nursery and Mims Landscaping

After working in landscaping for many years, Ryan Mims fulfilled a lifetime dream when he started Tower Hill Nursery during the COVID-19 pandemic as a partnership with Mims Landscaping, LLC, which has been in business since 2007 and has a focus on climate-friendly landscaping.

“It’s always been a passion of mine to work in landscaping,” Mims affirms.

The 15 acres of the nursery, garden and landscaping center offer a colorful array of seasonal options, giving clients a full selection of vegetables, flowering plants, shrubbery and trees, such as magnolias, live oaks, red maples and palms.

The business carries an assortment of pots and planters from which to choose and clients also are welcome to bring their favorite containers from home and have them filled with seasonal flowers and greenery grown right there on the property.

“Walk through the nursery and find what you like,” offers Mims.

“We can guide you to what’s best for your situation,” he adds, “whether you want to start a niche or find plants to go around a swimming pool or a pond. If I don’t know something, I’ll tell you I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you.”

Mims has certifications in landscape management and has worked on golf courses and with numerous landscaping projects. He has many years of experience in landscape design and installation, including with a variety of architectural enhancements.

“Mims landscaping will create the perfect outdoor environment that will fit the customer’s personality, lifestyle and budget,” he declares. “We offer hardscaping designs, including pavers, ponds and waterfalls. Our full landscaping services also include irrigation and lawn maintenance.”

Tower Hill Nursery and Mims Landscaping is a family-owned business that promises a personal touch in all of the services it provides.

About eight years ago, David Fredrick, the former owner of B&B Nursery for 40 years, joined Ryan as nursery manager, bringing along his depth of expertise as well as a variety of fresh ideas.

“I’m very comfortable with the advice Dave gives people,” praises Mims. “With his knowledge in the nursery industry combined with my landscaping and design techniques, we not only provide good show-quality plants for a reasonable price, but we can install everything ourselves.”

“To meet your specific expectations, I’m very particular about how I do things,” Mims assures. “I don’t cut corners.”

Interested in making your property a showplace? Check out the Mims Landscaping LLC page on Facebook, then tour the grounds at 1712 NE 36th Avenue in Ocala. To make an appointment, call (352) 438-4878. Licensed and insured.

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