Turn Back The Clock  

It’s time to discover a renewed you.

You just don’t feel like “you” lately. You’re tired all the time, your brain feels foggy and you can’t remember the last time you felt refreshed and energized.

Sound familiar?

“The majority of the time, these are symptoms of hormone deficiencies. You can go to a plastic surgeon, but that’s just addressing the outer appearance. My goal is to help people feel younger, healthier and stronger from the inside out,” notes Larry Siegel, ARNP, of Yunique Medical Services, with offices in Ocala, The Villages and Port Orange.

Patients across the country are discovering the amazing benefits of anti-aging modalities. Until recently, however, such services were only offered in major metropolitan areas, like New York City, which is exactly why Siegel wanted to make them more widely available and started Yunique Medical Services, a premier anti-aging practice.

Yunique Medical specializes in multiple anti-aging modalities, including:

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement pellets
  • Testosterone replacement
  • Growth hormone therapy
  • Peptides
  • Nutrient injections
  • Functional medicine

Siegel works with each patient on an individual basis to evaluate the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms. He then tailors a plan to address the symptoms and meet their specific needs.

For example, one of the first things that decreases as you age—even in your 20s—is human growth hormone. Patients who receive growth hormone therapy report feeling tighter skin, higher energy and a sharper brain.

Siegel notes that although many of his patients are middle-aged, he also sees individuals as young as their 30s.

“Because of the toxic world we live in, a man can be 35 and have low testosterone,” says Siegel. “Anti-aging modalities are really for anyone who wants to feel leaner, stronger and smarter and wants to get their edge back and be at the top of their game.”

Yunique Medical also incorporates functional medicine, and Siegel learned from one of the best locally, Douglas Hall, M.D.

“Dr. Hall literally brought me into this world because he delivered me,” says Siegel. “He taught me all about functional medicine, and then I went on to study the most cutting-edge anti-aging therapies.”

Aging is inescapable, but now you can control how you age. Siegel’s practice addresses the whole spectrum of healthy aging, including nutritional counseling and supplementation with nutraceuticals.

“In addition to getting your hormones in balance, you have to eat right, stay active and get enough sleep,” he notes. “With the right approach, we can help you turn back the clock and renew your future.”

Visit the website and Facebook page to read testimonials from people dealing with the same issues you may be facing. Then call to set up your free consultation. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. A stronger, healthier, happier you is waiting.

Yunique Medical Services › (352) 629-7955 › Ocala, The Villages, Port Orange › yuniquemedical.com

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