Vows – July 2022


You are cordially invited to celebrate Ocala’s newest brides and grooms, get a glimpse into their most special of days and hear firsthand about the memories that will always hold a place in their hearts.

Brittany and Kyle Kern

November 13th, 2021 

Venue: Protea Weddings and Events
Photographer: Brittany Strebbing with Eighteenth Hour Photography
Professional Wedding Planner:
Making it Matthews 
Florist: Floral Architecture
Hair and makeup: Sarah Abbott and Katie Gilligan at Studio Chic

Brittany and Kyle Kern


Her favorite memory: “My favorite memory has to be the overall feeling of love and happiness that I felt throughout the whole day. From the calmness and pride that I felt when I walked down the aisle to Kyle knowing I was walking to my forever love, to the love that surrounded us as we celebrated with our loved ones. It was truly magical and overwhelming in the best way possible!”

His favorite memory: “Our wedding was truly amazing! Catching that first glimpse of Brittany making her way down the aisle is something I will never forget and shortly after being pronounced husband and wife is a feeling I cannot put into words. Having all of our family and friends celebrating with us only made the day that much more memorable.”

Brittany and Kyle Kern


Diana & Chris Nesmith

September 17th, 2021

Venue: World Equestrian Center 
Photographer and Professional Wedding Planner: Christina Spradley with Every Last Detail
Hair and makeup: Nicci Orio, Pretty n Pinned 


Diana & Chris Nesmith

Her favorite memory: “I will forever remember the time we had after our ceremony and before the reception, when it was just us. Even though we were taking pictures, it was our first moments as husband and wife and that feeling was just incredible!” 

His favorite memory: “Seeing Diana walking down the aisle towards me; she looked so beautiful.”

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