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When building your dream home, experience matters. From the lot you choose to the building process, experience is the difference between a house and a home. And no builder in Marion County builds a higher quality home — one that focuses on the small aspects that make the difference — than Armstrong Homes.

Since 1976, Armstrong Homes has been turning dreams into reality for thousands of families in Marion County.

Brothers Scott and Chris Armstrong took over the family business from their parents, Bill and Billie, in 1992 and have continued to expand on their building prowess. From first-time homes to a fully custom home, the focus has never wavered.

“We listen to our customers, give them the attention and professionalism they deserve, and focus on each home as an individual project,” says Chris. “When a customer walks in our doors, we treat them as family members, the way we would want to be treated. That is important to Scott and me. We want to have the relationship with our customers where we know each other by name.”

The experience of Armstrong Homes is wide and plentiful.

“We’ve built thousands of homes,” Scott offers. “We use the experience from each home and put it into the next. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our relationship with the homeowner. We want them on the jobsite. We want them to ask questions — that’s important. With that type of relationship, we know our customer is going to be happy.

“There is nothing more gratifying for Chris and I than to be at a community event and have someone we built a home for come up to us and tell us how happy they are,” he continues. “We may have built that home years ago, but that relationship transcends time. They remember us and we remember them. That’s the way it should be and that is the way we want it.”

With Armstrong Homes, each customer gets a Personal Home Counselor, a person assigned to be the “point of contact.” The Home Counselor will keep the customer updated on the building schedule and be available should the customer need anything.

“The building of a home should be a special event,” says Scott. “We want there to be that one person who develops a relationship with each customer, who will be there when the customer needs them. That’s why we have Personal Home Counselors.”

Attention To Detail

Building a home is all about the details, and no builder pays more attention to this facet of construction than Armstrong Homes.

“We want the customer’s visions realized,” says Chris. “That’s why we go through the entire house with each customer, room by room, to make sure their desires are captured in the plans and specifications.”

And why the craftsmanship of each home is a top priority.

“When people come to us and want an Armstrong Home,” says Scott, “they are going to get the finest-built home possible. We have had many of the same subcontractors for years and years — since my father began.

“That means we know quality,” he continues. “We know the materials and we know the workmanship. That is what the Armstrong Experience does for all of our customers.”

Many customers have built larger, custom homes with Armstrong for two reasons — reputation and attention to detail.

“We have a lot of repeat customers, which in my opinion, is the ultimate compliment,” says Chris. “That means we’ve done a very good job. We’ve exceeded their expectations and we’ve built the relationship that makes them want to have us build their next home.”

That is what attention to detail means to Scott and Chris Armstrong.

From a custom fireplace and crown molding to special flooring and custom roofing, Armstrong Homes and all of its employees are focused on making the building experience extremely positive.

Many people go into building an Armstrong Home. There are architects, site supervisors, estimators, business office people, and others whom the homeowner may never meet. But at Armstrong Homes, one thing is certain — everyone is focused on making sure the customers are 100-percent satisfied with their decision to use Armstrong for their dream homes.

The Future

In mid-2005, Armstrong Homes will again lead the way by opening their corporate office at 1415 Southeast 17th Street, creating a landmark office for the residential and commercial building divisions. This $1.5 million investment is a first in this area. Armstrong Homes will become the first builder in Marion County to establish itself with a significant corporate office, one that is easily accessible and offers a true, one-stop shopping experience for anyone wanting to build any type of home.

“We felt the need to expand,” says Chris. “We’ve been at the same location since my dad started building homes back in 1976. We will continue to have the original site at 5802 Cherry Road, but the corporate office building will give us the space we need and the ability to better serve our customers.”

The corporate office will house every aspect of building with Armstrong Homes.

“This will be a truly one-stop type of office,” says Scott, “where the customer can make all of the necessary decisions about building their dream home.”

What You Can Expect

Armstrong Homes is the premier builder in Marion County on all levels.

“We can — and do — build it all,” offers Chris. “We will always focus on the customer and make sure we exceed expectations.”

The experience of Armstrong Homes is unparalleled.

“When someone trusts us to build their home,” says Scott, “that is something we take very seriously. They’ve chosen us and we value that decision. That’s why we spend time to train all of our employees, to make sure everyone — no matter what they do — is focused on taking care of the customer. It’s really that simple.”

“People will forget some of the details when they build a home,” Chris echoes. “But they will always remember how they were treated. And they’ll remember that for a very long time.”

Armstrong Homes on Parade

Put “The Armstrong Experience” to work for you. See the Armstrong models in the 2005 Parade of Homes:
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