Welcome to the 2023 Guide to Charitable Giving

Lauren Deiorio

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2023 Guide to Charitable Giving, your comprehensive resource for making a positive impact on our community. This year’s guide boasts more than 120 nonprofit listings, each dedicated to fostering positive change in various sectors. Your dedication to philanthropy is the driving force behind these organizations, and we’re thrilled to provide you with the tools to turn your generosity into meaningful action.

In addition to facilitating financial contributions, we encourage you to explore the rewarding world of volunteerism. Your time and talent can make an immeasurable difference in the lives of those served by our nonprofit partners. By becoming actively engaged, you can forge a deeper connection with our community and witness the direct impact of your support.

Looking forward, we recognize the immense potential of the transfer of wealth that is set to unfold over the next decade. This presents a unique opportunity for you to leave a legacy for generations to come. By considering legacy investments in our local nonprofits, you can ensure that your resources continue to create positive change well into the future. Your dedication to building a better community is a testament to your commitment to a brighter tomorrow.

Helping us build a stronger community are our beloved donors who participate in Donor Advised Funds. A Donor Advised Fund stands as a beacon of strategic philanthropy, offering a remarkable avenue for you to shape your charitable legacy. Your Donor Advised Fund not only ignites immediate impact but also lays the foundation for enduring change, cultivating a legacy that resonates through time. Your vision, coupled with the flexibility and impact of such a fund, has the potential to redefine the future of philanthropy.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity. Together, we can drive positive change, uplift lives, and create a legacy that resonates for years to come. We encourage you to explore the Guide to Charitable Giving, engage with local nonprofits, and embrace the potential of sharing your time, talent, and treasure. Your kindness truly knows no bounds.

President & Executive Director,
Community Foundation for Ocala/Marion County


To learn more about the foundation, go to ocalafoundation.org
To make a donation, visit give4marion.org

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