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Today’s celebrities and A-listers are more open than ever about the difficulties of dealing with stress and mental health issues. Actors, models, corporate executives and even royals have shared their personal stories. And they don’t hesitate to take time away for treatment when they need it—they seek a private, peaceful place to heal and find help. A place like The Guest House.

This world-renowned treatment facility is situated on a spacious 52-acre estate, nestled between the small-town charm of Ocala and the natural beauty of the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida. This tranquil, luxurious center of healing is designed to be a safe space equipped to provide for every need—medical, therapeutic, nutritional or wellness—until guests are ready to face the outside world again. From the seven luxuriously appointed guest suites and organic, chef-prepared cuisine to the sparkling pool and tree-covered equestrian trails, every amenity has been carefully designed for guests in the 90-day inpatient treatment programs to feel at home.

Thomas Pecca, The Guest House’s senior clinical advisor, shared more information about this world-class inpatient program, which uses an environment of emotional intimacy, connection and trust to create a sanctuary of love and compassion for transformation and healing.

What is the focus of The Guest House?

The Guest House is a world-renowned treatment facility that focuses on trauma, addiction and mental health. While the facility has only been in existence for three years, the team that created it has been in the business of recovery for over 30 years and is led by Judy Crane, known internationally as an expert in trauma treatment. The staff at The Guest House, from the housekeeping staff to the kitchen staff all the way to world-class clinicians, have been trained in the care of people recovering from the traumatic events in their lives. Our motto truly is “love them back to health.” The Guest House utilizes the most innovative and powerful therapeutic modalities, but the true essence of the program is creating a safe space for a wounded soul to heal.

How do the luxury accommodations and amenities at The Guest House contribute to a guest’s healing process?

The Guest House is a luxury facility, which means that the amenities are set up for the comfort of our guests and to cater to their needs outside the treatment process. This allows our guests to feel comfortable, safe and cared for as they go through the very difficult process of therapeutic work. While the beds are large, the rooms high quality and the other amenities to the standards of the often high-profile or wealthy clients that may come to us, the therapy is intense and life changing. After a day of soul searching and exhausting work, the amenities allow our guests to take a step back in comfort and safety.

Please explain why your multi-faceted, individualized approach to treatment is the best option for high-profile guests with highly stressful lifestyles.

Our approach is to look at the symptoms a client presents with: the addictions, anxiety or depression often being a coping mechanism for traumatic life events not fully processed or worked through. Because everyone experiences trauma in their life differently, an individualized approach is necessary. The way our facility is set up allows us more flexibility to meet these individualized needs. High-profile clients often find it difficult to feel safe enough to do the deep core work of trauma healing. To maintain their public persona they, at times, cannot allow their human woundedness to show. Imagine that everywhere you went people not only recognize you but have a preset belief of who and what you are. Anonymity does not truly exist for many of our clients, be they entertainers, business leaders or from high-profile families. The Guest House creates an atmosphere where they can put down the public persona and work on the true person. While this is true for high-profile guests, this is also true for all our guests—they need a safe place to heal.

The Guest House Inpatient Services › 3230 Northeast 55th Avenue, Silver Springs, Florida › (855) 984-0626 www.theguesthouseocala.com

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