Who Are You Inviting Into Your Home?

Finding someone to care for loved ones can be difficult, especially when they want to stay in their own home. But thanks to Comfort Keepers®, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family member has a compassionate caregiver to ensure their complete well-being.

In today’s mobile society family members don’t always live close to one another. More and more, the adult children of seniors find themselves concerned about their parents living alone or getting the extra help they may need. Sometimes assisted living facilities or nursing homes can be a solution, but ask most seniors where they would prefer to age, and the majority will say they want to stay in their own home.

No one understands this better than Comfort Keepers® caregiver and registered nurse Donna Purpura.

“I work with seniors every day and I see how important it is to them to maintain an independent lifestyle,” says Purpura. “But not all in-home care is the same. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which in-home care provider will be best for you or your loved ones.”

Mother-daughter team and Comfort Keepers® owners Lynn Domenech and Jocelyn Holt realize the importance of selecting a qualified caregiver.

“Bringing someone into your home is a decision that should be made carefully, and understanding your options is the key to making the right choice,” says Domenech. “Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference between the options available to them—and there are significant differences.”

The many in-home care options for seniors and other adults includes independents, nurse registries, and employment-based agencies. Each type of provider differs in how they staff caregivers, charge for services, and assume the liabilities of being an employer.

Independents are typically individuals that are not part of a larger organizational structure providing in-home care. Gener-ally, independent caregivers also charge less than a nurse registry or an employment-based agency. This may seem like a cost effective solution for your needs, but if you secure an independent to provide in-home care, you are responsible for all employment taxes and deductions, workers’ compensation insurance, and general liability insurance in the event the caregiver is injured or causes property damage. When you hire an independent caregiver you are responsible for protecting yourself from any risk that may lead to additional expenses, security, or safety concerns.

Nurse registries are another common in-home provider. Caregivers provided through nurse registries are usually independent contractors, and many of the same concerns you face in hiring an independent caregiver also applies to caregivers provided by nurse registries. Basically, nurse registries act as a “match maker,” to help clients find independent caregivers.

Employment-based agencies like
Comfort Keepers® are the most com-prehensive option for in-home care. One of the many benefits to hiring a caregiver like Comfort Keepers® is that you are not liable for “employer” related responsibilities. Comfort Keepers® is a turnkey care solution, so you are never burdened with liabilities of an employer.

Most importantly, Comfort Keepers® ensures that all caregivers have undergone rigorous background checks, are covered by workers’ compensation, general liability, and bonding insurance.

“Our caregivers are trained prior to being placed in your home to ensure you receive the highest quality care,” says Domenech.

In-home care is a win-win solution for those seniors and other adults who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. Who wouldn’t prefer to stay in the privacy of their own home, surrounded by cherished belongings and memories?

“Families just need to ask the right questions,” says Domenech. “If you are seeking a care solution for yourself or someone you love, take control of the situation and leverage the information that is available to you.Ask good questions and stay involved.”

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