Who Doesn’t Love BBQ?

Who Doesn’t Love BBQ?

When you’re looking for some finger-licking good BBQ and a laid-back, comfortable setting, Shane’s Rib Shack is the place to go. This family-oriented restaurant serves up some of the most delicious lip-smacking ribs and fixings in town.

“Our ribs are incredible, the meat practically falls off the bone and is so tender you can eat it with a plastic fork,” says owner Kristen Keene. The BBQ is always slow smoked, chopped by hand and served with Big Dad’s Secret Sauce. Along with their famous smoked wings and a full line of traditional BBQ sides, Shane’s also serves tasty sandwiches and sumptuous dinner salads and even has a gluten-free menu.

“Our food really does stand out and our peach cobbler is an award winner,” says Kristen, adding that Shane’s offers catering for any event.

“We have some great menu items for the upcoming tailgating season, and we can cater anything from large weddings to small events,” she says. Shane’s catering can supply everything you need at your most elaborate bashes to the most intimate of events. Because, as Kristen says, “who doesn’t love BBQ?”

And while Shane’s is famous for their tantalizing menu, they are also known for their community-oriented efforts throughout Marion County.

“We believe in giving back to the community,” says Kristen. Shane’s has been a part of several fundraising events, including those in support of Kimberly’s Cottage and The American Cancer Society. They also host “Spirit Nights” and youth group functions and have provided food for after-school activities.

“We’re family-oriented and like to be involved with our area’s youth,” says Kristen, a mother herself.

With their passion for serving up delicious food and their emphasis on giving back to the community, it’s no wonder Shane’s Rib Shack is quickly becoming one of Ocala’s top dining spots.

Shane’s Rib Shack

2602 SW 19th Ave Rd. #105, Ocala

(352) 304-5255


Mon-Sat, 11a-9p, Sun 11a-8p

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