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Dr. Ravindra Kolaventy and Dr. K.C. Kurian always strive for the best. For the board-certified cardiologists, designing their State Road 200 office was no exception.

“We wanted a full-service, state-of-the-art cardiac practice,” says Dr. Kolaventy. “The key for heart patients is fast, effective treatment. If a patient experiencing chest pain arrives at a hospital, they can wait for 12 to 24 hours before they are seen by a cardiologist. When a patient arrives presenting with chest pain or an acute cardiac problem, they are seen immediately by a cardiologist at our practice. Having a full facility helps us to effectively and quickly diagnose and treat our patients.”

Drs. Kolaventy and Kurian, along with their highly-trained staff, offer heart patients a variety of diagnostic tests and tools, including on-site echocardiograms, stress testing, CT-scans, angiography, angioplasty, a pacemaker clinic, and Extra Corporeal Pulsation (ECP) treatments for angina. The facility also offers an advanced catheterization lab for diagnosis of coronary and peripheral artery disease (PAD). Central Florida Heart Group offers the Siemens 64-Slice CT Scanner capable of cardiac and vascular imaging—the only cardiology practice offering this technology in Marion County.

“The beauty of the heart is that it’s a moving structure,” says Dr. Kolaventy. “The 64-slice CT scanner uses 64 X-ray detectors, instead of one, to capture images of the heart at the time of each beat. It provides excellent picture quality, reduces radiation to the patient, and is wonderful for those who experience claustrophobia.”

The images allow the doctors to delve deep into the heart one layer at a time, peeling away muscles and tissue until all they see is a web of blood vessels—making it easy to pinpoint exact blockages or problems.

“Having all the technology in one place makes our office very effective at finding and treating heart and vascular ailments,” says Dr. Kolaventy. “Most of our patients do not end up going to the hospital for further treatment.”

And Dr. Kolaventy stresses the “when in doubt, check it out” approach to medicine. There’s no need to wait in long lines at the E.R. if not faced with an immediate, life-threatening ailment. The staff at the Central Florida Heart Group has all the tools to take care of you or your family member.

If you’re experiencing chronic chest pain—often referred to as angina—the ECP lab could provide great relief and beneficial results.

“ECP is very effective at growing new blood vessels,” says Dr. Kolaventy. “Many people with heart problems physically can’t exercise or aren’t strong enough for bypass surgery.”

ECP is a non-invasive procedure that often reduces the symptoms of angina by stimulating the formation of blood vessels that circumvent blocked arteries. It’s during the diastole (resting) phase of the heart beat that most of the coronary blood flow occurs. Using a series of cuffs placed on a patient’s lower body, and timing it to the diastole, treatments are given for an hour each day. These treatments are known to help grow new blood vessels, circumventing a blockage, thereby relieving angina and oftentimes not requiring a repeat bypass surgery. The procedure takes place over several weeks and is often described as a vigorous massage.

As cardiologists who work with all three area hospitals, the doctors understand the importance of preventive care and believe in educating their patients through their Preventative Care Clinic.

“We offer consultations and programs for heart patients in regards to diet, exercise, and nutrition,” says Dr. Kurian. “If someone has a heart attack or other heart issues, that’s a major life adjustment. Our goal is to help our patients get back to a normal life quickly. If a patient can’t get back to a life they enjoy, then it doesn’t matter how many stents I put in.”

The doctors at the Central Florida Heart Group invite those needing additional information to call or visit the practice and schedule a consultation.

Central Florida Heart Group, P.A.
6600 SW Hwy. 200, Suite 300
Ocala, FL 34476
(352) 237-4116

Offices in Ocala, Belleview
and Dunnellon

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