Women Caring for Women

Florida Women’s Health offers cutting-edge robotic and in-office surgery options as well as high-quality obstetric care.

This month, Dr. Michelle Wood joins Dr. Poorti Riley to bring obstetric care back to the Florida Women’s Health Center, again ensuring that women of all ages can find comprehensive obstetric and gynecology care in one location.

Dr. Riley has been in practice for more than 23 years and has served more than 40,000 patients in Marion County. In 2008, she stepped back from obstetrics to focus on gynecology. She says the decision to bring back obstetrics to the Women’s Health Center was an easy choice based on local need.

“There are very few female OB providers in Central Florida. With the recent loss of obstetric practices in Leesburg and female OB’s in Ocala, we have decided to start this specialty again so that women who prefer to be delivered by a female OB can stay in Ocala for their obstetric care,” she explains.

“I am incredibly excited to join Dr. Riley,” says Dr. Wood. “Her dedication to women’s healthcare is inspiring. I am thrilled to add obstetrical care to her amazing team and look forward to enhancing Florida Women’s Health as well as the entire Ocala community.”

The duo says their combination of six female practitioners and list of services makes them stand out from other obstetrics and gynecology practices in Central Florida.

Riley performs robotic hysterectomies and pelvic surgery utilizing the cutting-edge daVinci technology. These less-invasive procedures typically allow patients to go home the same day and back to work in a week.

“We also do many other in-office surgeries and treatments, with anesthesia, for heavy bleeding and gynecological issues in the office without having to go to the hospital,” Riley shares. “We take care of women of all ages and specialize in doing minimally invasive surgery where patients have procedures done in our office without going to the hospital, same-day hysterectomy with people going back to work in one week and the treatment of all routine GYN issues, such as incontinence, pelvic floor therapy, ultrasound, prolapse, heavy irregular bleeding, painful periods and contraception, including IUD placement and infertility,” Riley adds.

One client’s testimony bears witness to the care provided by the Women’s Health Center team: “I highly recommend Dr. Riley. I came to her office in excruciating pain from a 22-centimeter fibroid that was pushing on my organs, distorted my uterus and caused severe bladder incontinence and other health issues. The initial process was friendly and compassionate, and staff were always kind and respectful. Dr. Riley took great care to see that my surgery would be as safe as possible. I even left the hospital the same day as my surgery. Dr. Riley literally saved my life and has given me back a life of much better quality. If she can help someone with as severe a case as mine, please know you are in the best hands.”

When asked how being an all-female health provider impacts patient care, Riley quickly shares, “Empathy. Being women, we can understand their needs.”

Wood and Riley say they treat patients the way we all want to be treated.

“We treat our patients with respect, dignity and compassion. We want Ocala to have a place where women go to feel nurtured, important and valuable so we can keep them healthy to be the best moms, partners and professionals they can be,” Riley adds.

Dr. Poorti Riley utilizes daVinci technology for cutting-edge surgeries.

West Marion Medical Plaza
4600 S.W. 46th Court, Suite 150
Ocala, FL 34474
Phone: (352) 369-5999

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