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As a former business owner, Terry Hook managed many accounts, both personal and professional.

“I banked with the same company for 25 years,” she says. “Never once did they recognize me or remember my name. I had had enough.”

“I was under the impression credit unions were only for educators or students,” Terry adds. “When I realized that wasn’t the case, I went to CAMPUS USA.”

CAMPUS members for six years, Terry and her husband have checking and savings accounts through the credit union and also an auto loan and signature note.

“The experiences between banking at CAMPUS USA and at my former bank couldn’t be more different,” Terry explains. “At CAMPUS, every transaction is personable. They know our names and greet us when we walk through the door. They make members feel at home and immediately welcomed.”

Terry adds that the loan rates are much better than any she’s received through past banks and that every transaction is reasonable and timely.

“Banks have shareholders and have to pay stocks and dividends,” explains Gary Schmidt, service center manager for the Silver Springs Blvd. location. “We are fortunate to not have that level of bureaucracy. Instead, we return our profits back to our members in the way of lower loan rates and higher savings rates. We generally have less fees all around.”

And that’s enough to bring a smile to any CAMPUS members’ face.

“I recommend CAMPUS USA to everyone,” Terry says.

Jean Toan agrees.

“It’s refreshing to know that in today’s society, there are still people and companies that care about you and treat you as an individual,” he says.

CAMPUS members for three years, Jean and his wife use the credit union for several accounts, including checking and savings. The Toans also have a signature note through CAMPUS and a VISA Platinum Card.

“The staff is extremely courteous and friendly,” Jean says. “They remember us and our names, and you really can’t beat the rates offered by CAMPUS USA.”

With a 75-year history in North Central Florida, CAMPUS USA Credit Union got its start in nearby Gainesville. Now 65,000 members strong, the credit union has been in Ocala for 10 years and continues to grow with three locations in Ocala and one in Summerfield.

Unlike conventional banks, credit unions are not-for-profit and are run by a board of directors elected by the credit union members.

“We work for our members,” says Denisse Nieves, branch manager of the West Marion location. “We develop relationships and truly have our members’ best interests at heart.

“As a matter of fact, I was a member of CAMPUS before I was an employee,” Denisse says. “And I chose them based on their excellent rates and high level of service.”

A full-service credit union, CAMPUS offers a wide range of banking services, including auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, free checking accounts and savings accounts. They offer financial planning through their partner, CAMPUS Investment Services, including wealth management, retirement/estate planning and life insurance. The credit union also offers a very reasonable selection of insurance plans, ranging from car and home to health and motorcycle, through Quorom Insurance.

“No matter what type of account you have with us, you are appreciated,” Denisse says. “Our members aren’t just a number. We like to call our clients ‘member owners.’ We strive for world-class service, whether we’re working with a seasoned banker or an individual new to saving.”

That said, the professionals at CAMPUS USA Credit Union understand the importance of educating today’s children on the value of money.

“That’s why we offer a special savings account for children up to age 16 that yields a higher interest than a typical savings account,” says Denisse. “It’s our way of helping to foster a healthy understanding and respect for money.”

In addition, CAMPUS USA Credit Union also caters to those individuals who travel, including Marion County’s seasonal residents.

CAMPUS USA Credit Union offers free online banking with bill pay and online loan applications with a fast response. The credit union has a call center to answer questions and take loan applications whether you’re around the corner or around the globe.

“Many credit unions are part of a shared banking network,” says Gary. “By participating in Shared Branching, most credit union services can be done at any credit union location and are instantly recognized by your home credit union branch.”

“This program accomplishes the same goal as a large national bank touting hundreds of locations,” adds Gary.

It’s just another way that CAMPUS USA Credit Union provides convenience and accessibility to its members.

Open until 6pm
(352) 237-9060

CAMPUS USAMarion County Locations To Serve You

Ocala Service Center3097 SW College Road
Silver Springs Blvd Service Center2444 Silver Springs Blvd.
West Marion Service Center11115 SW 93rd Court Road
Summerfield Service Center17950 S US Hwy. 441

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