Your Family Painter

Meet the Ocala entrepreneur who delivers top-notch and personalized work for residential and commercial painting projects.

Matthew Jarrett possessed an incredible talent at a young age. His predilection for painting became a passion and his resourcefulness and work ethic were among the attributes that allowed him to start several businesses as a teenager. His prodigious vision led him to his life’s calling in his early 20s.

Now 36, Jarrett is the owner of Prodigy Painting Services, a company that has been in business for more than eight years. He takes pride in understanding his clients’ needs, working with them closely and establishing a deep rapport that resonates long after the final coat of paint dries. However, what sets Prodigy apart from its competitors is meticulous attention to detail, the character and work ethic of its employees, a steadfast commitment to excellence and unrivaled dedication to each job.

Jarrett says he was never someone who could remain in a sedentary position, watching a clock while sitting in an office.

“Painting seemed to work; people would always call me,” explains Jarrett, who has been painting commercial businesses and residences for half his life. “I would do side jobs and eventually started my own company. I chose the name because it emphasized that we were young and knew what we were doing.”

The word “prodigy” refers to a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities who produces meaningful output to the level of an expert. It is through his determination to understand his clients’ needs and apply his expertise in successfully transforming both residences and commercial properties with his Prodigy Painting Services team that Jarrett has produced those meaningful results and lived up to the name he chose for his company.

Customers are delighted that their vision is thoroughly discussed prior to the first coat of paint being applied and thrilled with the finished product. Jarrett and his team are not only defined by their professionalism; it’s their caring and good nature that has also endeared them to their clients.  They forge a bond with their clients, becoming more like family. That sort of relationship allows Prodigy to establish greater communication, a deeper sense of trust and deliver a satisfying result.

“We’re completely different from any other painting company,” says Jarrett, who places an emphasis on being courteous and polite.

“We want to be your family painter.”

Even the employee uniforms are a standout; they wear what Jarrett describes as “loud and proud” bright red hats and T-shirts, bearing their trademarked company motto, “We Love to Paint!”; a far cry from the typical painter’s whites.

“Everyone loves our logo and the colors,” Jarrett declares.

“We’ve done a lot of big commercial buildings in the warehouse areas, houses made from silos, barns, residences and a variety of commercial properties,” he notes. “The cool part of what we do is that every week it’s something different. We could be on the waterfront, indoors, outdoors, be on a lift or painting concrete. It’s something different. I don’t pick the customer, they pick me. Being different is our main thing.”

Technical agility and precision of craftsmanship has set Prodigy Painting Services apart from the competition. Customers praise their profound sense of professionalism, warmth and authenticity. Through his industrious work ethic Jarrett has earned the respect of his colleagues in the industry.

He explains that not every job requires the same sort of paint and says his team directs a lot of energy into selecting individualized products to deliver the best adhesion and longevity on each project.

“Matt has been patient, precise and always accommodating with his customers,” says Robert Henriques, a Sherwin-Williams sales representative.

Jarrett’s strong relationship with the national chain spans more than a decade.

“That has enabled him to let his customers become a part of the whole process and that’s what’s really made him successful,” Henriques adds.

It’s that care and collaborative spirit, along with Prodigy Painting Services’ competence in the management of large and difficult spaces, that showcases what makes them special. But they also have a fun side. For example, during the holiday season, customers waiting on hold while Jarrett was on another call heard a message from Santa Claus.

They have also been known to go above and beyond many times to make the customer happy, once pressure washing a driveway—a task not in the budget—because they had the extra time.

For more information, contact Prodigy Painting Services at (352) 216-8501 or visit their website at

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