Thank You David Ellspermann: Celebrating Retirement After 24 Years as Marion County Clerk of the Court

David Ellspermann retires today after 24 years as Clerk of Court for Marion County and a life of public service that spans more than 45 years.

In an email to his staff at the end of the year David shared handwritten note pages scanned from his Franklin Planner with some of the thoughts he has found value reflecting on over the past 30 years. Click HERE to view them.

After touching so many lives during his career, it is probably no surprise that many want to join in thanking him for his service. We’ll be updating this page as more come in.

To learn more about David’s story, read our June 2019 issue of Ocala Style HERE.

Edward Scott, Circuit Judge

I have known David Ellspermann since the 1970’s when he worked for the Ocala Police Department and I worked for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. David’s wife Jane also worked at the Sheriff’s Office. David and I both agree that we all had a great time working in law enforcement and would not trade those days for anything. We have worked well together at the Marion County Courthouse resolving problems for the people of Marion County, always remained friends. I wish David and his family the best in his retirement. 

Gary L. Sanders, Circuit Judge

I would like to personally thank Mr. Ellspermann for his many years of dedicated service.  Many do not realize that judges could not do our jobs without efficient clerks in our courtrooms.  We in Marion County have been blessed with court clerks who have been trained by Mr. Ellspermann to handle litigants professionally, prepare draft form orders, monitor a massive amount of scheduling, and manage a myriad of other complex issues involving our specialized dockets.  They each reflect Mr. Ellspermann’s high standards of being courteous, professional, and efficient.  He has set an excellent example of how a clerk’s office should be run and will be missed.  I wish him well and much happiness in his retirement.

Marion County Bar Association- Gordon Glover, President.

On behalf of the Marion County Bar Association and its membership, I want to thank you for your decades of service to the legal system of Marion County.

 For more than 40 years you served this community with distinction. In addition to your service as the Clerk of Court and Comptroller, you served as a law enforcement officer with the Ocala Police Department, the office manager of the Public Defender’s Office, the Executive Director of West Central Florida Driver Improvement, and the Executive Director of the State Attorney’s Office. You brought this varied and diverse experience with you to the Office of the Clerk of Court and Comptroller, where you served for the last 24 years. In that role, you have shepherded our courts through difficult times and also through technological changes that could not have been foreseen when you took office. Under your leadership, you have cultivated an office and staff that are responsive to the needs of the legal community, making Ocala and Marion County an excellent place to practice law. Your personal dedication to excellence in carrying out your duties have played a pivotal role in making Marion County’s legal system the finest in the State of Florida, to the benefit of all who live, work, and travel through our community. We will truly miss having you serve as our Clerk and Comptroller.

As you embark upon your retirement years, the attorneys of the Marion County Bar Association wish you many years of health and happiness, new memories with family and friends, and the best of luck in all of your endeavors. We hope that when we resume our in-person monthly meetings, you will come visit with us from time-to-time, and enjoy the company of the many friends you have amongst the Marion County Bar Association. It would be our honor to have you.

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