Senior Daredevils

By definition, a daredevil is a recklessly bold person. Although definitely bold, the local senior daredevils featured in this article are not reckless.

Support For Seniors

Our seniors have resources available to help them for a spectrum of needs but not all seniors may be aware of them. Here?s a quick glance at some of the community?s best senior resources.

Lost and Found

Whether it's on one of Florida's many waterways or deep in the woods, our state's best units are well-equipped for search and rescue (SAR). Here's how they handle the call of duty when someone goes missing.

Autumn Outings

and you can finally take your family outdoors
without fear of heat stroke.

Lighting The Way

Take a look at the oldest, most popular, and most stunning lighthouses Florida has to offer.

Ocala Style Bridal Expo

Say I Do In Style

Battling Back

In the Fight Against Colon Cancer, Dr. Anand Kesari Battles Back With Fuse

Zone Fitness

The owners at Zone Health and Fitness thought of just about everything when designing their new Ocala gym. But perhaps the most important for busy families is the level of child care provided to the little ones.

Rolling Greens

Rolling Greens is a quiet, picturesque location with a vibrant and active population.

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